Life as a Lawyer: 6 Things You Should Know Before Pursuing a Career in the Legal System

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Negosentro | Life as a Lawyer: 6 Things You Should Know Before Pursuing a Career in the Legal System | When the time comes to start reviewing your career options, the legal field might pique your curiosity. It can seem like a lucrative choice. After all, there are many successful and well-respected legal professionals in the United States and elsewhere in the world. 

A legal career is a desirable option, but having all the facts is essential. So, before you add law school to your list of life goals, consider the following information: 

There Are Many Legal Fields to Explore

Your family might have their hearts set on you becoming the best local commercial lawyer you can be, but you aren’t limited to this field of law. There are many different legal avenues to explore, such as criminal law, civil rights law, bankruptcy law, and family law. You might even be passionate about workers’ rights, putting you on the path to becoming an employment lawyer. 

Think about the type of people you’d like to work with and the legal system that interests you the most. Let that guide you on your path to becoming a successful legal professional. 

You Will Rarely Spend Time in a Courtroom

While there are undoubtedly lawyers who thrive on attending court and claiming the attention of the judge and jury to get their point across, this scenario rarely plays out as it does in the movies. As a legal professional, you’ll spend most of your time working independently with clients and other legal professionals, researching your cases and processing paperwork. 

Out of all civil cases requiring the assistance of lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals, just 1% will end up in a trial before a judge and jury. 

There’s a Lot of Writing Involved

If writing papers was never your favorite part of schooling, consider whether a career in law is right for you. A significant amount of writing can be involved in the average legal job, including briefs, emails, letters, and contracts. The ability to communicate clearly is a core part of the legal profession. 

You Can Be a Great Lawyer from Any College

Colleges like Harvard and Yale are held in high regard. They are exceptional schools, but your greatness as a legal professional doesn’t depend on which college you attend and whether it’s top-tier. Instead, your success and distinction in the legal profession depend on your hard work, motivation, and willingness to work as a team player to benefit your clients. 

You Can Achieve Work-Life Balance

When you tune into your favorite legal TV show, you likely see lawyers working into the dead of night. While long hours can be required for particularly complex cases, you can achieve work-life balance as a legal professional. 

Lawyers working for government agencies typically put in 40 hours per week, while lawyers working for small and medium-sized firms generally work an average of 42-54 hours per week. 

You Might Not Pass the Bar the First Time

The bar exam is a crucial hurdle to becoming a lawyer, but don’t let it reflect your abilities as a great lawyer. Some of the best legal professionals and famous people failed the bar exam the first time around, such as former First Lady Michelle Obama, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Pursuing a career in the legal system can take much thought and consideration, and it’s not a decision to make lightly. Research your options thoroughly, and you’ll be more confident in the decisions you make for your future.

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