10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Accidents are unfortunate as they can leave you injured or incapacitated for a lifetime. Additionally, you may incur heavy loss of wages if you are unable to get back to work due to a prolonged injury. An injury claim is something that you definitely deserve. However, getting one is easier said than done even of the accident is the fault of the other party.

The best approach is to hire a personal injury specialist to help you secure a claim under this law. They can represent you in negotiating a settlement with the responsible party or an insurance company so that you get a rightful compensation. When you do meet an attorney, make sure that you ask them these questions to understand their expertise.  

Q1: Which legal area do you specialize in?

The first and perhaps the most critical question that you need to ask the attorney is their domain expertise. After all, you cannot expect a divorce lawyer to understand personal injury law as well as a specialist can. Therefore, it is essential to have someone who holds expertise in personal injury law.

Q2: Have you handled cases similar to mine?

Every accident case is unique and needs to be handled with a unique approach, which is something that only an expert can do. Ask the lawyer if they have handled a similar case or cases as yours because this will give them an edge. They will understand the implications and know the right direction out of experience.

Q3: What is your track record?

A good way to judge an attorney’s expertise is by assessing the types of cases they have handled before and the ones secured in their favor. So you must ask them about their track record in terms of number of cases they have fought as well as the number for which they have secured a favorable verdict.  

Q4: How many cases are you handling currently?

As a client, you have complete right to ask whether the attorney has enough time to look after your case. Someone who is already overburdened will not be able to give enough time to your case. Make sure that the lawyer is not already too occupied by asking the number of cases he is handling at present.

Q5: How long can I expect the case to go on?

Fighting a legal case is stressful and costs money as well. So you need to know the expected timelines. Expert personal injury lawyers will be able to give you a feasible timeline for the case to be resolved. The ability to answer this question with conviction and confidence says a lot about the lawyer’s skill.

Q6. What is your communication methodology?  

Communication is a key requirement for any party involved in a lawsuit. Do ask about their mode of communication and availability whenever you would need to connect with them. Ensure that you will be able to speak with them directly rather than being connected with a paralegal professional.

Q7: What are your fees?

A majority of these legal professionals charge on a contingency basis. This implies that the client pays only after getting the compensation they have filed for. Once they get the amount, the lawyer receives a percentage of it. Ask the attorney about the fees and check whether it will be contingency-based or otherwise.

Q8: What if my case goes into trial?

You should ask the attorney about the scenario of the case going into trial rather than being settled by negotiation. This is something that you need to be very sure about because the lawyer needs to be prepared and confident about fighting it out and getting a favorable verdict for you.

Q9: Who will be handling my case?

If you are considering availing the services of a law firm with several partners, ask about the person who will be dedicated for your case. Ask about the point of contact and make sure that you have a good one assigned for handling your lawsuit. If someone less experienced is assigned, make sure that there would be a senior lawyer supervising them.

Q10. Can I speak to a prior or existing client?

Although talking to a lawyer can give you a fair idea about their service quality, it would be best to check out with a real client as well. Ask the lawyer to connect you with a prior or existing client so that you can get real reviews from them. You can check online reviews as well.

Choosing the right professional is important because it decides the fate of your case. Do not compromise at any cost because you deserve to be compensated for an accident that was never your fault.

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