What should your kiddo wear for their first photo session?

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Negosentro.com | What should your kiddo wear for their first photo session? | Since you hired the photographer, you cannot stop but wonder what should your kid wore on their special day. It’s a common question parents have when their children get ready for their first photo session because they want to make sure the attire fits the occasion. They want to look dressed but not too dressed and comfortable, but not too casual. The outfit your child wears for the photo session depends on what you want to capture in pictures. Do you want your kid to run wild on the grass and surprise their playful side? Do you want them to dress up as their favourite character? 

One this is for sure, the attire determines the outcome of the photo session, so don’t make a rush decision that you may regret the moment you see the finished product. The general rule states that when the photoshoot is in a studio with professional lighting, the kid should wear a simple outfit in a plain colour or with a minimal design.  

When taking family portraits, you can coordinate children’s outfits to work well together and create a beautiful final image. Don’t ask them to wear the same colour because they would look better in similar tones. For a funky and contemporary picture, pick colours that clash together. 

Here are some extra tips to help you plan your kid’s first shoot. 

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White is best for outdoors

When the photo shoot takes place outdoors, you want the children to wear something that feels natural, and looks as if they usually spend time outdoors. Don’t overdress your kid in a suit to take them for a park photo session. 

All white outfits work great for both girls and boys and are popular choices for photoshoots because they draw attention onto the face of the kid. White clothes have a crisp, clean, and natural look that works perfectly for photography. 

Playful designs

Most photographers recommend steering away from bright coloured clothes, big logos, bold stripes and plaids for photoshoots, but it doesn’t mean you cannot pick something with a playful pattern. If your child loves dinosaur clothes and they have so many it became their signature look, they should wear a patterned dinosaur outfit for their first photoshoot. It’ll always be a fun memory to see the pictures and remember how obsessed they were with a particular design. Also, playful designs capture the excitement and energy of children.        

Ask yourself what would they usually wear

Only because it’s their first photoshoot and you’ll remember it forever; it doesn’t mean they should wear something different than they usually do. If picking a full white outfit doesn’t seem fit for your child, then maybe the best option is to choose something they already have in their wardrobe. The big advantage of children wearing something they’re accustomed to is that they’ll be more relaxed during the photo session. It’s vital for the success of the shoot the kid to feel comfortable because the photographer will try to capture their natural reactions rather than

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