Moving to Another Office? 9 Things You’ll Need to Do If You Want to Prepare Your Items for Storage

items for storage Self Storage Best Public Storage Units Moving and Storage Companies | Moving to Another Office? 9 Things You’ll Need to Do If You Want to Prepare Your Items for Storage | Moving an office to a new location is a huge undertaking. In some cases, all or some of the items in the existing office will have to be stored. When this need arises, a smart option is to rent a storage unit.

However, before moving office equipment and furniture into Storage West, there are a few things that must be done to get it ready. Learn what these preparation steps are here.

  1. Get to Know Storage Restrictions

Find out what can and can’t be stored inside the storage unit being rented. The storage facility you choose should provide renters with a list of restricted items, but if they don’t, be sure to ask about all the regulations and rules.

Some items that are likely prohibited include propane tanks, narcotics, explosives, fireworks, chemicals, paints, fertilizers, and gasoline. In most cases, if something is flammable, it can’t be stored in a storage unit.

  1. Decide What Needs to Go to Storage

Does everything in the office have to be stored? The more a person stores, the larger the storage unit must be. For businesses with limited budgets, keeping things small and affordable is likely best.

  1. Create a List of Everything Being Stored

When moving from one location to another, it’s easy to figure out what is put into storage. Before packing anything, create an inventory list of all the items being stored. Keeping up with everything in storage will help a person remember what they put in the unit.

  1. Clean Items Well

When moving into a fresh, new office space, the last thing a person wants to do is to pull out dirty, dust-covered furnishings and office equipment. Be sure to get everything clean and ready to be stored. That way, it’s ready to be moved into the new office space.

  1. Use Clear Plastic Bins Rather Than Boxes

When packing, try to put all the items inside clear plastic bins. This makes it easier to see what is inside and get it to the right location when unpacking.

  1. Label Boxes Clearly

If boxes are being used for storing office items, be sure they are labeled clearly with everything inside. If the items belong to a certain person in the office, be sure to include their name. This will also help make the unpacking process easier.

  1. Protect the Items from the Outside Weather

If the storage unit isn’t climate controlled, it is time to take steps to protect the items. As time passes, mold, mildew, moisture, and dust can develop. Keep items dry and put a protective spray on furniture and leather items. Seal all boxes and bins well to keep moisture out.

  1. Take Larger Items Apart

If there are larger furniture items or equipment being stored, it’s best to take them apart before putting them in the storage unit. This will help save space.

  1. Place Items in the Unit Strategically

Use all vertical space and leave walkways to make sure everything can be accessed when needed.

When getting ready for an office move, there are several tips that will help anyone make the most of the space available. Use the tips and information here to ensure that the items being stored are protected while they are not being used.

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