Steps to Follow for a Good Online Web Form?

Online Web Form Growing Your Business Improve Unity In Your Company startup teams - Negosentro | Steps to Follow for a Good Online Web Form? | Knowing the customer is one of the keys to the success of any business, and when we refer to online businesses, one of the best ways to achieve that knowledge is the use of forms and questionnaires.

Along with web analytics tools and direct consumer interaction, web forms and surveys allow us to get information from visitors to our website, learn about their preferences and find out their needs. In short, they constitute a simple and direct formula to obtain the necessary data to improve our business and the effectiveness of our promotional actions.

If you want to create a form check this online tool, then you must bear in mind that the main thing is to know what ideas you want to represent graphically, numerically or textually. There are many online forms that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Therefore, you must know the nature of the strategy to follow.

When carrying out the form you must do it by asking conventional and pleasant questions for the audience you want to interview.It is important to build trust so that you can capture the data you need to incorporate into your form, as well as make a difference using gifs, interesting images and videos related to the subject in question so that it can attract attention.

For this reason, the elaboration and design of the questionnaires are tasks to which we give special attention, with the double objective of obtaining useful answers for our business and that do not disturb the user.

Here are Some Tips that will Help us do this:

Set a Goal

Asking what we seek to find out with the questionnaire is key to its success. Each and every one of the questions that we ask our users must be aimed at that objective: to know what visitors to our website, our delivery service, our products, pricing policy think. A common mistake is to add unnecessary questions or whose responses are simply not used. And one of the main reflections that we should consider when finishing the form is if it meets that objective and we have really requested the information we need for this purpose.

State our Motivations

We must Explain to users the Reason for our Questions

If the visitor knows why we request the information, they will be more likely to decide to help us and their responses will be more accurate. If you show who you are and what you intend, you will get a higher ratio of completed forms.

Attention to the Determining Factors

From the moment we ask a question we are conditioning the answers. Choosing the right words and type of questions is essential. Thus, if we ask for a rating of 1 to 5, we will find many responses of 3 and we will not know what users really think. To avoid this problem, color coding (green / red for positive / negative) is one of the most used options.

Respect Personal Data

Making the user see that their personal data will be respected is basic. Every day there are more Internet users concerned about the confidentiality of their data, so we must make it clear what we are going to do with their data and specify that we are not going to deliver them to third parties.

Brevity and Simplicity theSentences should be Short and Clear

Don’t use twenty words to express what can be said in five or six. If there are two similar statements, delete one of them. In addition, there is a proportional relationship between the number of fields to fill in and the participation. The more data we request, the fewer participants. If the form has to be long, structure it well, define sections and leave blank spaces so that it doesn’t get overloaded.

Open and Closed Questions

Leaving a question open for the user to explain and give us their opinion will provide us with honest and quality information, but do not force this option by making it a mandatory field. If you include closed questions with various possibilities, create a drop-down menu to help the user.

Help, Sample Texts, and Auto-Complete Options

The user always appreciates that we facilitate the task. Therefore, whenever possible, it is advisable to use information or help icons, offer sample texts to correctly complete the form, or even include auto-complete systems that make the process much faster and easier. For example, relating postal codes and towns and provinces.

Security and Usability

When we ask for personal data, it is always recommended to have an SSL certificate that guarantees the security of communications with users and prevents browsers from displaying error messages. To improve the user experience, we must also take into account the automation of validations, such as checking that there is an at sign in an email address or the DNI extension.

Error Messages

In case one of the fields has been completed incorrectly, let’s clearly show where the fault is and explain how to fix it. And, above all, let’s make sure that if a failure occurs, not all the data already entered will be erased, which would force to repeat the form completely and would discourage the participants.

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