What is a right? An Ethical Discussion

What is a right? An Ethical Discussion How-to-Effectively-Conduct-Exit-Interviews, exit-interview

Negosentro.com | What is a right? An Ethical Discussion | A right is something that one may properly claim as due to them per dictionary definition. While many rights are provided to humankind today, some do not get to have the privilege. 

So, what rights are the most important and what rights end up being neglected by those in charge of providing said rights. The American government has established three set primary roles to be for a government to carry out. 

These rules are listed out as protecting inherent rights, self-government by the people it represents, and separation of powers within the government.

These rules set which can also be found across many world governments show that in practice, a correct government benefits those under it and provides those it represents.

Sadly, this is not always the case though and there are multiple examples found throughout history and even today where many humans are failed by their government to have their rights.

In Myanmar, the Rohingya Muslims face horrific and absolute ethnic and religious discrimination throughout the land.

In South Korea, religious minority group, Shinchonji Church of Jesus, fear for their livelihood and their lives, as both the government and the public trample on their religious freedoms. 

Today, in the country of China, one of the most important valued beliefs is not only being ignored but actually persecuted by their government. 

The Chinese people captive under their own government are not allowed to hold onto any belief of their own but are being subjected under propaganda and threat of being sent away to concentration camps. Without reason or for breaking any law, those who hold to a faith not according to the government. 

From testimonies of the survivors we get a glimpse into the true persecution that China is carrying out today showing that they were not given the right to their own thoughts or beliefs.

The Uighurs are Muslims that can trace their heritage in China throughout the last few thousand years. Regardless of their long history in the region, China has rejected them as indiginous citizens of China but instead has painstakingly oppressed them and setup what they call “Re-Education Centers”.From the few witnesses who survive and escape to tell the tale reveal the horrid conditions that they endured.From being forced to denounce their beliefs, swear loyalty to the CCP [Chinese Communist Party], learn Mandarinm, sleep deprivation, forced labor, being bound and shipped away from home, starvation, sexual abuse, forced abortionsm, torture and death. These are the stories that we no longer just hear of but have now seen video and photographic evidence of as of July 2020 showing the Uighurs  bound and blindfolded together being sent away by train. Another current example is the persecution of the “Shincheonji”.

A right is something that becomes due to all people when all people receive it. The right to vote wasn’t something people expected until it became a common place right. Oppressive governments throughout history have systematically selected minorities to attack and scape goate for the sake of maintaining their desired control. This is when a government abandons its original purpose of protecting its people and benefiting those it have entrusted themselves to it and instead becomes a prison to its own people. By ignoring others loss of rights and freedoms we only pave the way to our own losses and regressing to a system where human life is treated like a tool instead of being valued. If we wish to preserve our rights then we must make sure we do not stay silent while others become endangered. 

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