Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Own A Dog

The Best Dog Foods of 2021 Ranked Reasons Why You Should Own A Dog | Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Own A Dog | Dogs are wonderful companions for any home, for any family or anyone. They provide you so much joy and excitement and will help you create countless memories. Many people who have considered dog ownership have to weigh the pros and cons of their decision, but just in case you aren’t aware or are having trouble making that list, here are 9 reasons why you should own a dog.

1. Teach Responsibility

Dogs are perfect for new families, or young adults. They are great pets, but they require a lot of attention and demand responsibility from you and will need puppy training when they are young. You will learn quickly that owning a dog is not always easy. Having and raising a puppy will require a lot of training early on to teach it important behavioral skills while adopting an older dog will still require a lot of responsibility and care to acclimate them to their new homes.

2. Feeling Of Purpose

Owning a dog not only provides you a teaching and learning opportunity, but it provides your life a sense of meaning and purpose. Your newfound responsibility for the care of another living being can provide that purpose that you might feel lacking in your life. This is a new member added to your family, no matter how big or small, and they rely on you for all their needs. Having to play the role of a guardian, the owner, and parent, this will benefit your life positively and translate to other aspects.

3. Companionship

Having a dog in your life provides you with so many benefits. As much of this is a responsibility, this is also a relationship and companionship. Dogs are not passive beings, they will make their presence known. Each dog has their personality and will formulate a bond with you in different ways. It is important to recognize and educate yourself on the varieties with a list of dog breeds before finding your furry companion. You want to find the dog that suits you and will be the best fit for your life.

4. Increased Happiness And Mental Health

Adding a dog into your life comes with many positives, but the most obvious outcomes and the main reason you would buy or adopt a fluffy friend is that they make you happy. There are many studies that suggest that cuddling up, petting and generally interacting with a dog releases endorphins and makes you feel more upbeat and positive. This is beneficial for your mental health as it will increase your mood, and also help reduce stress.

5. Good For Physical Health

Your mental health is not the only aspect of your overall well being that will be positively affected. Owning a dog will help you improve your physical well-being. This is because depending on the breed, dogs are extremely active, and will require a lot of exercises. This is especially important at a young age. Having to frequently take your pet out for walks and runs, as well as playing with them regularly will ensure that you see added physical health benefits. For anyone that previously was not into healthy physical activity, this will be a stark improvement, while those that are already active will gain the bonus of a new workout or running partner.

6. Creates Structure And Routine

Having a dog in your life contributes to your ability to work within a structured environment, factoring in the idea that you need to be organized while owning such an active pet. Dogs require more than most other animals in terms of attention and you will have to learn how to structure your daily schedule to accommodate all their needs. From feeding, bathing, walks in your day to day life, to unexpected circumstances like vet visits, you have to learn how to be able to plan and create a routine in your life, which will allow you to better structure your own life as well.

7. Socialization

Canines are among the most social animals and pets out there. It is easier than most to learn and understand them, but it is still a challenge in many ways. Having this as an obstacle will allow you to better learn how to communicate and socialize. This creates the perfect opportunity for children to learn how to share a space and be gentle with others. Having a dog also benefits those that have social anxiety and feel more stressed in gatherings or events. Dogs allow you to be social in a safe and comfortable environment. Not to mention, they are great with other animals and allow them to learn to be social with each other as well.

8. Excitement To Your Life

The one thing you will soon realize about being a dog owner is that as much as you think you are prepared, you will always have some surprises with your new family member in your life. They will surprise you frequently, good and bad, but you will never have a boring moment in your life with them around. Dogs provide an excitement into any home, from full families to small humble dwellings. Your dog will always have the energy to greet you, no matter how stressful, tough, or long your day has been.

9. Unique Personality Traits

Every dog is different. Much like humans, every dog has different personalities, different likes, and dislikes, and it is a journey to be able to learn that about your dog. They are unlike other animals in terms of their excitement and expressiveness. They are protectors and troublemakers. Having multiple dogs or even just having been around them, you will understand these differences, which will allow you to appreciate your dog that much more.

Dogs are a huge responsibility, and you must understand that before deciding if owning a dog is right for you. If you do believe that it is in your best interest to add this fluffy companion into your life, you will have to be prepared not only for the burdens and difficulties but also the sheer amount of joy. As tough as it is sometimes, many dog owners would never have it any other way.


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