Where is Religious Persecution Happening Today?

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Negosentro| Where is Religious Persecution Happening Today? | On one side the world is progressing towards a technology-driven society while on the other side there have been noticed increasing numbers of religious persecution happening around. It is not just about one particular religion that is getting persecuted or that is persecuting other religions. Different countries are having different patterns that are leading to a tormentful situation for the minorities in that particular country. 

Science and technology are leading the world to enter a new era but it seems there are some groups that are more interested in creating a religious dominance that is leading to religious persecution of the other groups. 


Egypt is a Muslim country but claims to offer high protection to its Christian minorities. But does it actually happen as per what is claimed? Well, the scenario is not exactly what it is noticed from the outside. Almost 10% of the country’s population is Christian and that makes them a minority group. Though in the reign of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, as many as 168 new churches got approval to be built way back in the year 2018, the condition of the Christian minorities still is beyond miserable. 

The Shari’ah law is the prime legislation source in the country and this has actually snatched out the religious freedom of the Christians there. There have been ongoing incidents even today of mobs entering the Churches to disturb the religious harmony and of harassing the Christian communities in different ways. ‘

North Korea

North Korea does not require any definition or description in today’s time. It has been already placed at the top position of the most dangerous countries in the world due to the level of extreme conditions in which the citizens are kept. Freedom is absolutely snatched out of them not just in terms of political issues but also in terms of religion. The citizens of the country are not offered any freedom to practice the religion that they belong to. The only source that they are supposed to pray is the ruler of the country who is currently Kim Jong-un. 

North Korea is under a dictatorship rule currently and is one such country for which the whole world feels pity. Such are the rules of the country that the ruler’s men can abduct anyone and can torture anyone. If a person is found guilty of not praying the ruler, the next three generations of the person are penalized and tormented. 


Pakistan got separated from India to become a free Muslim country but there are many Hindus and Sikhs even today staying in the country. These people decided not to leave Pakistan and shift to India as they have their houses there. Though today Pakistan and grown up to be a developing country, it seems it still has to develop its morals towards religious tolerance. There have been different stories and examples from the past claiming how people from other religions mostly Hindus and Sikhs are being persecuted in the country. 

One of the most recent examples is how Hindus were denied food supplies in the country during the lockdown situation due to the pandemic COVID 19. The whole world is trying to battle against the pandemic together but it seems religious biasness is of much higher importance in Pakistan. 


India is a secular country that is known to be the home of several people with different religions and cultures staying together. But the scenario has changed for quite some time now. The ill-treatment of the Hindus in Pakistan and several terrorist attacks led by maximum Muslim groups have hurt the sentiments of the Hindu population in the country that is a majority here. Though there is still no such massive aggression noticed but the behavior towards the Muslims has definitely been sour in recent years. 

Apart from these many countries, there are also a number of other countries too that have incidents of such religious persecution happening even today. In countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and many others, the Muslim population is noticed to create pressure on the minorities such as the Christians to convert their religion or to leave the country. 

Thus, religious persecution exists even today in this modern world. Though the world is developing in terms of technology, many of the countries still need development in terms of religious and moral grounds too. 


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