What are VPN’s and how to choose one?

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Negosentro| What is VPN’s and how to choose one? | With added traffic on digital platforms, data security has become a centerpiece in the puzzle of a safe and fulfilling online experience. It all starts with keeping the privacy of the user intact. To address this important challenge Virtual Private Networks (VPN) were developed which mask and protect the original identity of the user. 

What are Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

All this is done while being connected through private protected networks to make VPN users part of the large anonymous global crowd of online users. This way a user connected in his hometown sitting in a library or restaurant connected to a public Wi-Fi connection can stay anonymous and be seen by the websites and online programs recording usage patterns and location data as someone sitting hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from their original place.  

How do VPNs work?

This serves its key purpose in various forms as the user’s real identity associated with their original IP address is being hidden. This new anonymity brings about freedom in their life on the internet as they cannot be tracked, monitored, associated with, or kept tabs on when making decisions on the digital platforms. This allows the users to experience the internet how it is supposed to be experienced where the knowledge and data can be accessed freely without the added weight of your opinion, interests, likes, and dislikes are judged to spoon feed you what the enterprises and mass marketing companies think you may want or like. This way they cannot flood your mind with something (ads) you do not need and want. This anonymity is the true potential of the free internet we all deserve.

Even if they do keep records of the data a user consumes on the internet when on the internet through a VPN, that consumed data cannot be tracked back to you making their programming, exercises, and actions futile towards the user. Note that some ISPs with their offerings like any internet service offer better connectivity towards VPNs while some of them might be a bit restricting towards ensuring a stable connection.

Important parameters to consider

There are several hundred VPN services available to the users on hand, best premium ones charging you for their service while other free versions are also available in the limited time slots and with ads, etc. But the decision of choosing the best VPN for the individual, group, or company needs should not be based entirely on price albeit it being one of the deciding concerns. The following are important parameters enabling users to make an informed decision on choosing the best VPN for their use.

  • The purpose of why you need a VPN and features you are looking for in a VPN.

Each user has a different need for using a VPN. Some are simply trying to mask their online identity while frequently using the internet from publicly available networks, while others are trying to access some geo-location locked features of their favorite applications, websites, or e-commerce setups. Some want a VPN for their operating system while some want these to be installed on their router to be connected with and utilized by all of the company employees working on digital sales strategies etc. Some may want a high-speed VPN to watch Amazon Prime, Disney, or Netflix shows which are otherwise locked based on country accounts restriction. Or to get some online game deals not available in a particular region or to socialize with your friends sitting on the other side of the world unable to connect to chat platforms or Google, Yahoo services, etc. Government, military, or university research labs who want to conceal their users ’ frequently researched items over the internet from scholarly articles to patents frequently find VPN quite useful. While it is understood most of the users are not computer literate and would be looking for easy to set up straightforward VPN programs where user-friendliness is the focus and everything can be set up in a single touch, click.   

  • Device, platform, or operating system you are using.

Not all users are using the same device and hence the operating system. Computer users may be using Microsoft, MacOS, or other OS such as Linux. Similarly, smartphones use Android, IOS, or some other OS. Different VPNs are designed to be run over different OS and devices. While major VPN vendors have developed software to be run on cross platforms while ensuring user has an option to add various settings for different devices on their single account of VPN. This gives users the flexibility to use their favorite VPN software without the hassle of setting up a VPN account each time they log on through a different device. Nevertheless, not all VPNs are developed to be used on all platforms. 

  • The repute of different VPN software, how are these reviewed, and rated by security auditors and researchers.

Before choosing on a VPN, a review of the VPN in question by an independent security researcher can provide a lot of insight into the reputation and reliability of the VPN. Generally, points to consider are several servers offered across the world, traceability, and openness of the VPN company is laying out their policies, terms, and protocols they implement and success rate with which they mask the user are some of the parameters against which the user can review the past reviewer remarks to better assess where VPN stands in their final selection. 

  • Plan and costs, budgeting.

Limited-time free versions of most VPN are available as a trial. This way it can be checked if specific VPN do serve your purpose. Or by requesting a money-back guarantee option that might suit users who want to test VPNs first before committing to lengthy plans. This way users can always move forward with a particular VPN with peace of mind.

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