How to Market your Business with Animated Videos

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Negosentro| How to Market your Business with Animated Videos | When you make use of animated videos as part of your marketing strategy, you have the opportunity to provide your customers with everything they need to make a decision about whether or not they are going to buy your product or service. The making use of these videos you also make the process interactive. Opportunity to present the hard facts, in a fun, visually appealing way. It even gives you the opportunity to create a character to portray your brand and its promise. 

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you are already searching for a suitable animation video company to help you create a video that introduces your offering to your target market. If this the case, take a moment to congratulate yourself – you are already in pursuit of one of the most successful marketing tools. Let me explain to you how to use animation video production services to your benefit, when you are trying to convey your message to the public.

The numbers do the talking

Many people glaze over stats, but they are important in determining whether or not you are achieving success with your current strategy. Over the last three years, up to 60% of customers expect to see marketing videos. In fact videos are the preferred medium over banners, emails, pictures or even PDFs, with the 18 to 24 year old market showing the greatest interest in videos. 

Compared to 63% in 2017, more than 87% of businesses currently opt for videos in their marketing practice. Marketing specialists have long since identified videos as an important component in communicating to your client base, which brings me to what is probably the most important statistic in this entire article: 83% of companies who do their marketing through the use of videos, have reported an excellent growth in their return on investment.

Stranger than Fiction

An amazing phenomenon that has started happening on Facebook business pages, is that even a simple animated video overtakes the most well-written text posts on Facebook by 2 to 10 times, according to lead conversion rate.

As an additional bonus, animation video production also comes in at a far lower price tag than the equivalent live videos would have been. But believe it or not, cost is not the main reason why companies have started turning to animated videos recently.

The main reason is, in fact, the flexibility that comes with animation. A seasoned animation company will be able to take any metaphors and explanations you may need to communicate, and turn them into a palatable virtual environment that will help your audience feel at ease, and help them to understand what you’re saying.

The stats are just the beginning

As time passes, the numbers mentioned above continue to grow, as people start watching more and more videos.

Blogging is very quickly taking over from journalism, and existing journalists are making the switch to becoming bloggers. People love knowing things, and a video is the quickest way to convey knowledge. In the time it takes you to read a paragraph, a video can give a full overview of the situation, in full colour, with music.


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