Ways to Eating Healthy during the Holidays

Ways-to-Eating-Healthy-during-the-Holidays, holiday-eating-tips, Christmas-season-health-tips

Mary Rae Floresca| Negosentro.com

‘Tis the season to be jolly, they say, but it wouldn’t be jolly as you expected to be when you don’t take care of yourself. Here are surefire ways to eating healthy during the holidays.

1. Keep colds at bay

After the rainy seasons, here comes the cold winds. For sure, you will be travelling a lot this season because of the long vacation, you might pick up cold viruses and other sickness that can spoil your holidays. Keep your immune system healthy by getting enough sleep, taking multivitamins, and of course, do not expose yourself to the cold weather, warm up your “ber” nights with cozy jackets and blankets.

2. Don’t stress out

Don’t overdo things. The last thing you want to feel during this season is feeling stressed and worried. Don’t stress out on your visitor’s list, or what the people has to say about you after seeing you a long time. Don’t stress out when they ask you when you’re getting married or when are you finishing your degree. Just answer wittily or do not answer at all. Are you the cook at home? Keep it simple, it doesn’t have to be extravagant. As long that there is food on the table, you are too blessed to be stressed.

3. Plan your meals during the day

For sure that parties will be left and right, office party, relatives party, wedding etc. If it will all happen in one day, prepare your tummy by avoiding binge-eating. Some people just skip breakfast because they know that they need space in their stomach for the big party, no, that is wrong. Eat a light breakfast so you won’t be stuffing the food in your stomach during lunch time that it may cause you stomachache. If you know you are going to another dinner party, limit what you eat. If you want to try every viand on the table, skip the rice or the carbs.

4. Include a fruit or a vegetable at each meal

You need every fiber from fruits and veggies this holiday season. You need to digest your food well. Make it a habit to eat fruits before eating the heavy meal. Eat greens, eat the colorful fresh salads and fruits salads sans the sweet whipped cream. Instead of buying sodas to match the home cooked chicken, blend your own smoothies. When you eat small frequent feedings of fruits and veggies, it will reduce your cravings of eating too much.

5. Stay active

Aside from eating right throughout the holidays, squeeze a bit of your time to exercise. It helps you to keep your weight in check. Keep in mind, if your new year’s resolution is to stay fit, then stay fit. Stay in the mantra of eating then burning it through exercise.  Studies have shown from George Washington University in the US found out that taking a 15 minutes of walk after eating helps to control high blood sugar and could reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes.


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