Passion – Reasons Why You STILL CANNOT Quit your Day Job

Reasons-Why-You-STILL-CANNOT-Quit-your-Day-Job, why-you-can't-leave-your-day-job

Mary Rae Floresca|| Want to live your dreams and passion? Take note of the red flags below why you still can’t quit your job to pursue your passion.

1. You don’t have enough cash

Money is the most important factor to pursuing your passion. And if that passion requires starting a business, you need a lot of pesos to make it stable. You need to enough cash for the capital, operational expenses and overhead costs.

2. When everyone objects your idea

You know you are going on the wrong path when your parents, siblings, friends and relatives doesn’t like the idea of you quitting your job and putting up something you want to do. Sometimes, it is still wise to listen to their advises, sometimes, “Mother (still) knows best.”

3. You can’t handle the pressure

If you can’t handle the stress at your day job, then you also can’t handle the pressure when your starting your own business. There will be more pressure, you being the boss and running the business smoothly. It will be a rocky road out there, and if you are not up for it, you can’t quit your job just yet.

4. You hate learning

If systems change at your day job ad you just hate transitions, then you still don’t know where you are going after. If you do not like to learn new things, your passion will fade. Sticking to what you only know will not expand your knowledge to make use of your passion wisely in the future.

5. You want all the time I the world

You just might be a little too selfish for yourself when you just want to plan your time freely and worry-free. If you just want to be carefree, then you don’t understand what adulthood means. Responsibility is a constant struggle when growing up. Adjust to the time you only have for leisure, and time to get to work.

6. Your business idea isn’t in demand-for now

You can’t resign just yet when your business plan isn’t laid out perfectly. And your idea may not be the wisest business startup after all. You may need more heads, business advisers that can help you out on your idea. It has to work well, so before quitting your job, polish your plans first.


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