Things to Spend your Energy during Christmas Season

Things-to-Spend-your-Energy-during-Christmas, how-spend-your-energy-wisely-during-Christmas-season

Mary Rae Floresca |

In the Filipino Catholic community, Christmas is the most blissful time of the year aside from Easter. Here’s how to make sure you’re spending your energy to what matters most.

1. Work efficiently before the break

Why?  Because, you don’t want to be working while your family and friends are partying an enjoying the festivities next to you. Set your priorities and to-do lists at work. Do the difficult ones first then you can do easy tasks while in vacation when needed.

2. Learn to say “yes” and “no” to invitations

During this end-of-the-year holiday season, there are many parties that you can be invited to attend to. Aside from traditional family gatherings, there will be a lot of weddings! Unless it’s your sibling’s or best friend’s wedding, you should not miss it. Choose which parties you must attend to. Party-hopping can be tiresome; you want to make sure you’re not draining your energy too much on unnecessary gatherings that you could do in different time of the year.

3. Simplify Christmas gift shopping

If you have extra time and want to be a little bit more creative on your gifts, create some personal crafts or cook. If not, get on your list on who to give gifts to, what kind and always stick to the list. As early as now, you can already start buying so you do not splurge most of your money on gifts towards the end of the year, you don’t want to get broke. When malls are on sale, spend your cash wisely.

4. Who needs you most during Christmas season?

Ask yourself this question. Do you work miles or kilometers away from your family? Book that ticket now. You may not notice that your parents are already getting older, and remember that family is what matters the most in the Filipino culture during the holidays. Catch up with your relatives and friends, catch up with them while they are still there, we noticed that everytime there’s a funeral of a loved one, that’s the only time that family and relatives makes a reunion.

5. Appreciate simple joys

Lower your expectations in the Christmas season. Do not expect that you will be winning the grand prize in your office Christmas party, do not expect that you will find a new love, or perhaps getting a Christmas bonus.  Find simple joys, it could be just a complete family in front of you, or a good cup of coffee you are sipping on a sunny day, or delicious food for your Noche Buena. Remember, it’s Christmas season, everyone should be just happy, not overjoyed.


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