Using Monitoring Apps to Protect Company Data

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Employers have been using smartphones for their businesses since 2014. There are various reasons for relying on these pieces of technology in modern times. The two most important reasons are customer relationship management and gathering business intelligence. However, since the coming of modern cell phone monitoring gadgets like Cell Tracker, GPS Phone Tracker, XNSPY,and many others, checking cell phones remotely is much easier. Using a text spying app helps with both Business Intelligence (BI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


What is Business Intelligence or BI?

BI is a process of data analysis that relies on data collected from various technological gadgets. The data enables corporate executives and managers to make informed decisions for the improvement of their business.

The variety of tools and methods used for data collection involves the use of cell phone monitoring gadgets. Managers and executives use the information they gather to analyze the progress and hindrances in business. The greatest problems mismanagement and lack of BI causes are poor customer relationship management.

What is CRM?

CRM is a word that encompasses the use of different strategies, practices, and technologies to manage and analyze how customers relate to a business. These practices reflect if the business is improving its customer management system and assisting them or failing. Since businesses rely on company-issued cell phones to enable customer management, using apps to monitor conversations between employees and customers has become a business best practice.

What a Text Spying App Tells Employers

The way the marketing team manages customers is very crucial. They must make sure that they avoid using words that make the wrong impression on customers. Most importantly, on social media and text messages, they must avoid mentioning their competitors. Another crucial factor is that people dealing with customers must maintain a polite expression at all times. No matter how rude disgruntled customers become, marketers must not become rude.

How employers can make sure of this is by screening the conversations marketing team members have with their customers. Xnspy, for example, comes with the ability to watchlist words. This feature enables users of the app to receive alerts whenever target employees use specific words in text messages. Since the app works on both iOS and android devices, employers who issue iOS devices to their employees can also use the app. By installing it on the target’s device, they can see every message sent or received. To view the messages, they can log onto their web-based control panel.

Text Screening Protects Company Data

Sometimes, employees become victims of frauds and unintentionally share sensitive company secrets. In such cases, companies that maintain the best practice of using a text spying app can handle the damage in good time. Another reason for using such apps in some companies is that they prefer to train their team. Employers inform employees that they will be monitoring their cell phone activities and conversations. The idea is to teach them how to handle different and unexpected customer reactions tactfully. Since executives monitor everything remotely, they get real time information and can guide their employees better.

Advancements are Continuous

As businesses are turning to the use of WhatsApp and social media messengers (Facebook messenger) for CRM purposes, the need for apps that monitor internet messengers is increasing. With apps like XnSpy, it is possible to monitor various forms of conversations. It can screen emails, WhatsApp, Viber, KIK, Skype, and LINE too. In addition to this, such a text spying app allows monitoring conversations with employees via calls. Users of the app can listen to recorded conversations to train their employees and detect the problem in customer management.