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Negosentro | USING INSTAGRAM TO GROW A BRAND: THE SOCIAL MEDIA BUSINESS  | Social media poses a great advantage when it comes to advertising. Armed with technological advances like Google Analytics, brands can make tailor-made advertisements to engage their target audience. One of the most prominent social media platforms is Instagram. Instagram is smaller in scale than its parent company Facebook, but it has just as wide a reach.

People and brands can now conduct their business on these social media platforms that support and legitimise their brand. All sizes of companies can operate on Instagram and also promote themselves with their accounts. Instagram even has a dedicated account-type for these brands to make their transactions effortless and better monitor their promotional feedback. People have loved this platform for various reasons like anyone can start their business here without any hassle. But gaining traffic on the platform is a difficult task, but it’s possible. Often Instagram users look for a story viewer that works well to view other stories to research about the business anonymously and a spy app called EyeZy also provide the same opportunities. With this app it’s possible to randomly view anyone’s profile. It’s very common among Instagram users looking for techniques to reach a maximum audience.

But a major drawback of using Instagram for business is its linking feature. Instagram’s strict policies on links make it almost impossible to cross-promote or post affiliate links. Instagram allows for a clickable link in the bio only. Now, most brands would like to link different products, posts or websites (depending on the business type) on their page, but this single-link policy is a significant hindrance. Linktree offers an impeccable solution to this obstacle.


After Instagram moved to curb links on a page, many online brands faced obstacles in their marketing strategies. Instagram’s reasoning behind this move was to curb scammer links that redirected to insecure and malicious websites. It was highly inconvenient for business-related pages and social media influencers who advertised products. Alex and Anthony Zaccaria and Nick Humphreys devised an alternative route to overcome this hindrance; they founded Linktree, a landing page for Instagram. With headquarters in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, it allows business profiles to direct users to a single landing page that contains all their affiliated links. Starting in 2016, today, they are one of the main avenues of business promotions that support all brands.


A landing page directs user traffic to specific or affiliate links. This page can list as many links a brand needs along with graphics, allowing for unique landing pages. Every brand can customise their landing page format to link articles, posts, websites, blogs or even their products and reviews.

Additionally, this landing page also allows the brand to track its promotions and user traffic. They can review their performance, as it tracks the number of clicks, site-visits and other analytical information. Using this information, brands can tweak their social media strategy as needed.


Without a doubt, this landing page offers an excellent avenue for brands to increase their user traffic while displaying all their products/services. Additionally, it also provides the following benefits,

Convenient Usage

Brands no longer have to update their bio link every time they post; they can club them together on a single landing page. This clubbing also makes for a neater interface than having several links.

Secure Page

The landing page offers maximum security from viruses, hackers, phishing and other malware. Both the brands’ and the users’ data and other personal details are completely secure from external attacks.

Customisable Design 

Brands can obtain a subscription to the landing page’s services at a nominal fee, which gives them complete customisation access. Brands can make the landing page more relevant to their logo or theme while hosting their promotional content. They can beautify the page to attract user-traffic or to reflect their taste.


Linktree offers in-site analytics to understand a brand’s users better. Using the analytic data, brands can gain an in-depth understanding of their consumer base and design appropriate strategies.

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