Enjoy a free screen recording and video editing with RecordCast

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Enjoy a free screen recording and video editing with RecordCast | Face-to-face cooperation has been a challenge to everyone up until this day, this is a sad reality that Coronavirus has brought us. Though we are lucky enough to be covid-free at home, we still can’t go to our offices and our kids can’t still go back to their normal schooling due to the same reasons brought by the pandemic. Therefore, a screen recorder will help us facilitate our work. If you are looking for a screen recorder, there are readily available programs for you to choose from, but the majority of them that you can find on the internet are driven programs.

You may spot some screen recorders online for a certain cost while others are free of charge. But with those videos that are free of charge has a watermark, but there is a platform that enables it user like you to help you record your screen quite easily with the absence of the watermark and it’s zero cost!

What is RecordCast?

This is a free website that allows you to record your browser screens without a watermark and free of charge. It is a straightforward tool that can be used for recording any audio or video on your screen. You can take a video with audio of all the activities conducted in your browser or even your entire desktop without the need to download any program as long as you have a web browser.

Why consider RecordCast?

RecordCast is a helpful instrument to send and share videos to students that contributes to the development of online schooling. With the help of this tool, students will have added value in attaining the best possible results in their studies. This is also ideal in getting tutorials that accompany explanations shared on a website, to send via email messages, or even share on social networking sites and apps. RecordCast can also help in improving business communication, as it allows you to collaborate with your clients and partners your ideas in a more effective way.

  • There is a need for you to amplify your students’ learning since it aids the students to register for online classes and study their lectures later.
  • This online screen recorder helps make a video to educate your audience on the procedures they need to learn to perform a specific task; it makes sharing of ideas and information easier.
  • Expound something difficult or technical to explain.
  • Making a follow-up class after a session.
  • Recording helpful tutorials or videos to share on different social media platforms.

What makes it a standout?

  • It is free to use.
  • Files that you created are automatically saved.
  • It provides high-resolution recorded videos without a watermark.
  • Can take a screenshot of the entire screen, browser tab, or application windows as you need.
  • You can choose either to record your voice or system audio.
  • The recorded videos can be edited by adding background, attractive title text, music, etc.

What is the downside of this tool?              

– Scheduling of recording is not possible with RecordCast. It is far different from other screen recorders that can perform scheduled recording should you have other urgent matters you need to attend to at a specific time.

– Even there is an annotation function on the video, it doesn’t have the capability to take a screenshot while the recording is ongoing.

– Another flaw of this tool is upon reaching the end of your recording, the files will be saved directly without a preview of your project first.

How does it work?

  1. Open a browser and enter the RecordCast site.
  2. To create an account, you need to register either your email, social media, or Google account.
  3. Before starting your recording session, choose your preferred mode of recording. It can be webcam only, the screen only, or screen plus webcam.
  4. You can then make a recording option. You can choose either System Audio, Microphone, No audio, or Microphone plus System Audio.
  5. You can pause your recording or stop recording.


A screen recording tool like RecordCast is very helpful during the times that you need to explain something tricky or in creating tutorials through a video and sharing it with your audiences or followers remotely is a must. It makes recording what is happening on your screen possible. The single thing that limits is ability is the possibility of conducting recording a specific section of your screen from the beginning of your session, But in the edit mode, you can zoom in on the result and can even focus on a specified section of your screen.

With RecordCast, it makes the possibility to take a screenshot through hosting a video by getting everything that appears on your computer at that certain moment. Thus making it ideal for sharing what we want to show on different digital mediums. This is a good solution for video editing and screen recording.

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