Individual IPv4 proxies. What technology is this

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Individual IPv4 proxies. What technology is this | Are there any advantages to using an intermediate proxy in conjunction with a database? It is currently a unique solution that guarantees your online safety.

What is a proxy server for?

Proxy servers are the best tool for protecting personal and confidential information on the Internet. Currently, you can connect to a proxy server without any problems, as there are both paid and free options. We will take an example from company. If you have any questions, the managers will advise you and help you make the right choice. Use the presented conditions for a more detailed study of all the capabilities of the software.

If you want to protect yourself from fraudsters on the network, from sites that collect personal information, then it is best to use servers. This is a guarantee that no one will know anything about you on the Internet. Of course, you need to choose the right proxy server. One useful solution is a proxy server. What is it and what is its effect? Let’s try to answer these questions.

What is a proxy?

In simple terms, a proxy server is a type of server that runs between the user’s computer and the target server that the user is communicating with.

  • Regardless of whether we are using a browser, an application or a program that uses network access, the information we send is first sent to the proxy server and then sent to the server from which we want to receive information.
  • There are several different types of proxies that differ from each other in the level of privacy and anonymity they can provide to the users who use them. You can choose from transparent, anonymous and anonymous elite proxies.

A more advanced and extensive form of a proxy server is a VPN server, which provides much more security, allows for better privacy protection, and very often offers additional features and capabilities. It is important to note that the use does not require special skills from the user. Currently, a proxy server is the best way to protect your personal data on the Internet.

What proxy can do in your business

First of all, you should remember only one but still very important rule: 1 proxy means only 1 IP, so if you are going to have a lot of accounts – then you absolutely need more than only one proxy, you will get banned on all accounts if you are using only one proxy. So, let’s discuss the main topic. There is 4 advantages and ways of use for the proxy:

  1. You can create unlimited accounts. So, you can get first-play bonuses on all the gambling sites, or just some kind of arbitrage.
  2. You can even play the same game on the multiple accounts at the same time. 
  3. You can use websites in any other country that is unavailable to you in your main location.
  4. You can use so-called “bots” to automate many processes.

 As you can see we have only 4 advantages and possibilities here, but you will find your a certain purpose of use.

The most important thing here is to use only high anonymous proxy. One of the mentioned type is individual or private proxy. Usually, this type comes with both protocols, which are HTTP and Socks5. Many providers are selling the same proxy by the “dedicated” or “premium” proxy, but the principle of the technology is the same. The main thing for the anonymity is you are the only one owner of the purchased IP address. No one wants to use a proxy and in one day log in the account and see the block message, isn’t it? So this type are provided only to a person who bought it. There are login and password data to authenticate the proxy.

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