Traits that Millennials need to Master

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By Mary Rae Floresca |

Filling up your Curriculum Vitae or resume doesn’t guarantee the job of your dreams, you need a little more push on enhancing your skills and also learning new things in aiming for your goals. Human relations strategist Melissa King explained, “It’s your positive attitude and capacity to share knowledge and accept knowledge from those who have working experience that will take your career and your organization to greater heights”.

The millennials are first generation of people who have come through a more stable economic environment and politics and can attract foreign capital, so they can get good jobs, according to Jan Dehn, head of research at Ashmore Investment Management. He added, “The 25-29 year-olds are the first generation to have been born in the post-Cold War era and to have benefited from the education and employment opportunities that have emerged since the millennium.” Needless to say, generation Y should start revamping their skills to be further recognized in the global workforce.

1. Develop Communication Skills-personally. As we all know, this generation is becoming more digital. It’s the rise of social media applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, Insagram, and now, Snapchat. Author of 100 Conversations for Career Success, Laura Labovich described, “Lots of people tell me, ‘I’m great on paper, but when I get to the meeting, I’m tongue-tied.” Millennials may need to set boundaries in communicating through social media versus communicating personally.

2. Stay ambitious but goal-oriented. Forbes Woman reported that 60% of millennials leave their organization in less than three years. This shows that at times, that millennials could not stay put in a company for more years, they are believed to be ambitious, and consistently looking for the best career he needs or wants to have. This generation should be able to set a clear and feasible goal to reach their dreams, this requires good decision-making.

3. Cultural Awareness. One should be able to blend in and adjust in a culturally diverse environment. Surely many companies are composed with different cultural backgrounds. Millennials who travel a lot, or who read about other cultures, are more exposed on how to handle differences. Learning other languages aside from English and French is also a plus.

4. Computer Literacy. Employers expect a lot from millennials in terms of technology, of course, this generation are exposed more than ever in innovations of the modern world. Aside from the basics of Microsoft Office, one should master other programs such as Google Docs, Dropbox and the like. Millennials don’t need to be a super expert on this but at least a good grasp of it.

5. Enhance your Values. Senior trend analyst at Flux Trends in Johannesburg Nicola Cooper said that Millennials are more optimistic. “They’re tired of hearing how bad the world is-their attitude is ‘It’s not that bad; I’ll be part of the change’. They believe they have the power to make a difference.” Be the catalysts of change, like the Filipino’s national hero Jose Rizal said, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.”

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