6 Ways to be on Time

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By Mary Rae Floresca | Negosentro.com

Being late is a habit that kills your reputation whether in work, among your family or friends. Do you really want to be the person who is known to be always late? Get this, being on time reflects your attitude, it shows that you are responsible, thus, you can be trusted and be accountable in your tasks.

To be honest, I don’t get late in school, at work or any other meetings I go too, unless a valid reason like sudden flash floods and or a rush to the comfort room. When I was in elementary, sometimes my parents would bring me to school late, and I was embarrassed. I don’t one to be that one student being singled out by a teacher because of just being late. From then on, I really tried my best to be always on time.

1. Organize

This is cliché, but truthfully, this is effective when you religiously check on your calendar. I like to use Evernote, it keeps me on track especially on reminding me with tasks. Even whatever idea that pops in my mind and I don’t have a pen and paper, my mobile phone is the easiest to grab. Also, don’t overbook your schedules. See to it that the time table of the meetings you will go to is feasible.

2. Calculate the time you need

Realistically, estimate the time allowance you need to prepare for your appointment. This includes the travel time, it depends on how you commute. During my first job in Manila, I tested my time frame for like a week to see how much time I need or I can spend in preparing at home.

3. Prepare earlier

When I say earlier, it’s the night before or ealy morning. When I was younger even until my career days, my dad trained me to make sure all the things I need are prepared before I go to sleep. Yes, I took time to iron my clothes first before hitting the sack. Aside from preparing earlier, double check on your things and see to it that all the things you need for the day are in place.

4. Set your Alarm

Don’t ever ever rely on your body clock or ask your parents to wake you up at a particular time. That’s why there is an alarm clock in your mobile phone. What I do is I set 5 minute intervals, that is 5 minutes earlier than the latest time you need to get up. I do not oversleep, you have to train yourself to get up once the first alarm goes off.

5. Do not set your clock 5-10 minutes earlier

I read this strategy before but I’m disagreeing with this. When you set your clock or watch 5-10 minutes earlier, you will always say to yourself “Oh, I have five, ten minutes more”, after such time, you may not realize that you keep on saying that after twenty minutes. Just then you find out you are behind schedule in a matter of minutes.

6. Wear a wristwatch

This is my must-not-leave-the-house-without-it kind of item, second to wearing earrings. I mean c’mon, isn’t easier to check the time on your wrist than bringing out your phone from your pocket or rummaging your bag? Your phone is a bit distracting, instead of checking the time, you ignore it and check your messages or social media, thus, forgetting to keep track of time!

As the saying goes, “Time is Gold”. Time is precious, once done, you can never take it back, let’s be realistic, there’s no such thing as time travel. What are you waiting for? Start preparing, tick-tok!

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