Qualities of Successful People

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By Mary Rae Floresca |Negosentro.com| Everybody wants to be successful, but how? There are many ways to climb up the ladder in life but it’s not just a click away. Baby steps, they say, and most likely, being successful not just sheer luck but it starts within one’s personality, principle or simply, successful traits.

1. Passion for Improvement

A good employee doesn’t stop learning, as time passes, there are many ideas or lessons being upgraded especially in this modern age. You should be eager to learn new things, attend seminars or functions, research on what’s going on around your town. Not only that, learn how to improve on yourself, check on your tasks, how do you accomplish each task, is it precise, alright or still needs improvements?

2. Attention to Detail

This is a quality that should not be taken for granted. Every detail on your task matters, even the smallest detail, it can reflect the outcome. Doing this pushes you to be a perfectionist, thus, becoming successful. Remember, some bosses doesn’t recognize a simple or just “okay” work. Exercise on doing your task right not just for the sake of finishing it. Just do your work and be seamless.

3. Accepting defeat/failures

One of the reasons why people fight constantly is because of their ego. To be successful is letting your guard down once in a while. We are not all perfect, we may believe so but be logical in a few circumstances that other people should be heard. Accept if you are wrong, anyway, you will learn from it and be better the next time.

4. Taking Responsibility/Accountability

Your job description that you signed up for means taking responsible on the tasks assigned to you. Upon agreeing on the contract in your job, you should understand that you should know how to handle your workload. Be accountable, make your superiors or customers trust you. Trust is not bought, but it is earned.

5. Committed

A true successful person gives his full attention on his task. This is one of the factors that employers are looking for in their applicants. Usually, they measure how committed a person is based on the time he spent in a company, when he had three or more jobs within 2 years, that is a bit risky to trust. Giving your full commitment means you don’t do sloppy work, you are serious with your responsibilities.

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