Topics you Should NOT share at Work

Topics-you-Should-NOT-share at-Work, things-you-should-not-share-with-colleagues

Mary Rae Floresca|

There are limitations of being a socialite at work. Certain topics should not be shared at work. Here things you should to zip your mouth about.

1. Salary

Usually during orientation before starting a job, human resource officers makes it clear to new employees to not ask each other’s salary. Some companies are strict with this, it’s even in their company rule book. An admissions counselor at Marymount Manhattan College Samantha Moyer explained, “You don’t know if you are being compensated differently, and it can lead to resentment either on their part or yours.” It can lead to discomfort and you may affect your efficiency at work.

2. Crazy Party Stories

Your coworkers or most especially your bosses don’t need to hear about how you spend your Thank-God-It’s-Friday nights. Details like where you threw up is awfully disturbing. Do you really want to be known as a “party person” in the office instead of the one who gets work done fast and accurate? We hope not.

3. Family/Relationship Problems

Sometimes as we grow older, we think it is okay to do this and say that, but little did we know we are already acting like an immature high school student. Leave your worries and personal problems at home, channel your strength to working efficiently. A simple sharing of what happened to you last night with your spouse can lead to misconception and misunderstanding of your officemates. Also, whether you are getting married or an annulment, your relationsip status is only your own business.

4. Lies and Office gossip   

Gossips are often lies that keeps on piling up constantly especially when it is not immediately controlled by the management or at least, the human resources department. Stop on believing “hearsays” by your officemates, if you are that curious, ask directly to the person involved, or better yet, mind your own business only. Some gossips can be hurtful, try watching the movie Mean Girls again to remind you.

5. Plans to resign

If one plans to resign and tells it to another, the chain continues, rumors will spread. When you are planning to quit your job, the first person that should know about it is your immediate supervisor as a respect. Do not let someone bring the news to the top management. Be careful on this, so issues can be resolved between you and your boss. And most especially if you plan to resign, do not use the company’s properties to creating your resignation letter and job searching.

6. Religion, Political and Personal Beliefs

This is often expressed in the work place, especially when election is coming up. It is also for your protection, don’t spill the beans too much, firstly, you can insult others without realizing. Secondly, you as well can get insulted. Expert interview coach Barry Drexler advised, “It’s okay for coworkers to know your religious and political preferences, but it’s not okay to make any discussions personal. Never insult or criticize a colleague for any reason, particularly related to their religious or political views.”


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