A Shy Employee’s Rules to Standing Out

A-Shy-Employee’s-Rules-to-standing-Out, introvert-guide-to-standing-out, get-noticed-in-the-workplace

Mary Rae Floresca| Negosentro.com

Sometimes, being overly confident is not the key to standing out in the workplace. Here are surefire ways of an introvert to be positively noticed in the office-the good way!

1. Search for positions fit to your personality

If you are a beginner in the modern working world, you need to decide on what kind of career path you want to take. Know what you are passionate with and choose job where you can grow and enhance your skills.  A lot of job descriptions can be intimidating, but just try, you may never know you can stand out on that position.

2. Standing out on your first job

Laura Bozarth, a career coach and founder of Good Girls Health advised, “In the office setting, introverts need to be clear about what they need to get the job done and be vocal about it, If they want to work with small teams instead of jumping into a huge presentation immediately [or] if they need a quiet work space, they need to address that.” You have to speak up on what you are comfortable with, they may need to adjust with you at first but you should learn to break your comfort zone sometimes.

3. Use your “shyness” as your strength

When two parties are arguing, your good-listening skills can let you realize into wise conclusions and solutions to end a drastic conversation. If you can talk to both parties at the same time, individually speak to them privately. Your calmness is your strength as well, since you are an introvert, you can control your rage to speak harshly.


4. Don’t make your character an excuse


Stephanie Peterson, contributor to career-growth site Muse said “Next time you’re thinking of saying no to an opportunity under the guise of being an introvert, pause and think about the real reasons behind your decision. If it’s all dread or disinterest, then you’re probably right to skip out. But if fear is suggesting you run away from something with clear potential to enrich your career, consider rising to the challenge.” An introvert can stand out when he tries to push what he can do more, just like anybody else in the office does.


5. Present your knowledge online


Now since you are “shy” to show what you can do in person, say thanks to social media. Start writing blogs or showcasing what you are passionate with. It is your ticket to better careers, your outputs seen online can bring you places. Your works you upload online, whether a poem or an artwork, it can be a conversation starter and you can get recognized.


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