Misconceptions of a Call Center Agent-Debunked!

Misconceptions-of-a-Call-Center-Agent-Debunked!, confessions-of-a-customer-service-representative

Mary Rae Floresca| Negosentro.com

In the call center industry, there are things that people only believe about. CSR, Joel Rigonan, confesses the misconceptions of being a call center agent.

Customer service representative or also known as “CSR”- This my longest tenure in a job so far. However, I want to debunk some misconceptions about the customer service industry, specifically in the call center industry. Some of us might think, that it the nature of the job, any job as a matter of fact points to customer service or customer satisfaction. At times, you may think a little less of yourself when you enter this industry but in the end, you might just prove yourself wrong.

Misconception #1 At first, I said to myself, (this might also apply to some), that this kind of job is so mainstream and that I wouldn’t want to land in this kind of job.

It is too mainstream or common but you also benefit from it. You yourself is also a customer to this industry. Somehow, you also need someone to satisfy your needs and wants.

Misconception #2 Call center is all about voice, voice and voice. Not really.

Sometimes customer service also ponders on action. It’s about doing what you preach so to speak. Customers tend to hear something beneficial but seeks to see the action behind what you have said. Be it a promo or product upgrade. And the thing about working in call center is that customers are betting money just to make sure they see what they hear over the phone.

Misconception #3 Since these call centers cater to international clients, I have to set my body clock to nightshift.

It’s not really a debunk as this is true. But in order to deliver customer satisfaction, the saying, “The early bird, catches the early worm”, squarely applies. You just have to learn how to train body clock as well.

Misconception #4 You decide your own business decision.

At first, it was my first instinct as to give my customer the win but then I realized that owning a business really means business. Applying a win-win situation is always the best resort in giving the customer what they want at the same time. Do not sacrifice the company’s revenue to continually give out service to the clients.

Misconception #5 Customer service in a call center setting only serves you right to get you through fortnight.

Not really, the way you spend your money is totally up to you. Your clients give you money for the service you have rendered but it’s more than just the money. For them, they need to trust that you deliver their money’s worth and not just to survive the day and have your needs met. Conscientiously understand that you are delivering the best service that the customer can receive.

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