6 Must-Wear Jewelry Items for Indian Brides

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Negosentro | 6 Must-Wear Jewelry Items for Indian Brides | Jewelry is a piece of art, and every piece of it has an attached emotion.

Jewelry is a piece of art, and every piece of it has an attached emotion. Every year brings new trends and new designs with it, so in reference to the Indian gold jewelry, especially for the bridal hare is what most of the Indian brides will love to wear in 2020.

  • Head jewelry

Every bride wants to shine throughout her wedding and of course, she should. Head jewelry is something very traditional and loved by all the Indian brides and bridesmaids. Matha Patti and maang tikka are two of the most popular and widely used hair accessories.

Polki and gold matha Patti are forever jewelry items. They come in various designs so anyone can pick them according to their taste and customize the size, color schemes, and designs. Similarly, a maang tikka is a must-have when it comes to the traditional Indian bridal look. 

One should always choose it as per the size of her forehead. Note that it is not recommended to use both the maang tikka and matha Patti at the same time, or it will create an overdone look.

  • Neckpieces

Neckpieces always draw attention and give you a perfect look. The bridal choker and bridal necklaces are popular choices. You can go for kundan or polki choker, or something embellished with rubies, emeralds, colored beads, and pearls. 

If your dress is heavy, we recommend you go for a simple choker to get the best look, but if you are going for something simple, choose meenakari necklaces or pestle bead necklace. Antique jewelry designs will also go well with your bridal dress.

  • Earpieces

No bridal look is complete without earrings. Chand Bali, tiered shoulder, and lotus design earrings are trending nowadays. They are mostly matched with other Jewellery items. 

Chandbali is combined with oversized maang tikka and chokers. Similarly, shoulder earrings go well with the necklaces as well as chokers. Lotus designs contain beautiful flowers; they are in everyday jewelry items and go well with neck pieces sets.

  • Nose rings

Indian brides love oversized nose rings. They are one of the oldest jewelry trends in India. Some brides love heavy and bolt nose pieces as it is a great friend, but some opt for simple bridal nose rings with a chain to avoid the weight and full-face coverage.

  • Hand Jewelry

Hand jewelry includes bangles stack, cocktail statement rings, haath pools, cuff and bracelets, and kaleera. The bangles are a must-have jewelry item for brides, whereas the statement rings and cuffs and bracelets are optional.

Still, there are some brides who love to wear fit cuffs with intricate designs for their reception look. They are made of gold and embellished with diamonds and other gemstones. 

Kaleeras are the biggest ever trend for bridals, and every bride loves to wear it at her wedding. They are available in many designs in the market. You can get them readymade or customize them as per your need.

  • Waist belt

It is a popular choice not only for the Indian but also for the Western brides. They are made of gold and other metals and embellished with diamonds, emeralds, and other gemstones.

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