One Click Makes a Difference


Ozzias T. Villaver Jr., Ed. D. |

How many of you have opened the internet today?  How many times do you open your Facebook or Twitter account everyday?  How often do you reply the message of your friends in the email and sometimes failed to receive an answer?  And, How many times do you chat with the person living in other country?

Modern communication technology has truly changed the world rapidly.  Every second brings new information about social, cultural, economic, political and science and technology throughout the world.  A dynamic social media keeps the world moving on without control.  There is a reality that communicating to other side of the world seems indispensable because man himself is not satisfied to use a gadget that has no guarantee of lengthy of time.  Hence, a continuous competitive research, invention and reconstructing of new machines, computer, cell phone and the like make people feel closer or worst more isolated with one another.

And so, after opening the Internet or Facebook, and then had contacted your friend/s and love  ones, have you ever thought that, what you sent in reply could cause possibly a positive or negative impact or change? Some people regret so much that, after sending their reply or message, the receiver never replied back.  What happened then?  Then, what was your reaction  when you read the reply was far from your expectation.  Did your patience work at that moment?

Perhaps we can review one of the scenarios.  We see ourselves laughing or irritated or not worrying much at all about the sent reply.  Our sending of message to our receiver through  email would mean a lot.  Was the message sent clearly that the receiver’s reply really bridge our ideas.  Word has many meanings.  Statements could be literary and/or interpretatively taken.  Thus, we have to be careful of our choice of words and even the construction of our statements to the receiver/s.  more importantly too is, check well the condition of our keyboard.  Because, one click to any key in one of the chips coulds make a big difference in our communication and right understanding.

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