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Negosentro| Tips for Fantastic Modern Recruitment |It may seem that while the rest of business aspects move with the times, recruitment is something that has remained unchanged. However, that is not strictly the case. The way the best businesses are recruiting has altered to match a more modern way of working, and with these tips, the way you hire will keep up with the trends.

Screen potential employees 

A way to modernize the way you recruit is to properly check and screen potential employees. You will feel far more secure in who you hire if you have carried out pre-employment background checks and drug tests. With DataCheck Inc., you can build confidence in your workforce and take the pressure and stress away from wondering if you have made the right appointment. Without modern technology, these screenings would not come so fast and at such a high quality.

Write the best job advert

This seems basic but writing the best job advert attracts the best candidates. Do not be vague in your advertisement, state exactly what the job responsibilities are, what skills and experience you are looking for and how to apply. Applicants could be scrolling past hundreds of adverts each day and will not stop to pay attention to yours if it isn’t clear what the position you are offering is. 

Post your job online. This increases your reach and attracts the modern worker who won’t find your advert in the corner of a newspaper page. Offer your contact details for prospective employees to get in touch to ask you questions about the role; this will prevent those unqualified or unsure from wasting their time, and yours, on an application.

Ask for other skills

While there will clearly be a list of skills and experience that are essential, you must also be asking for additional skills in this day and age. Many young employee’s resumes are varied with dotted weeks and months of work experience rather than huge chunks of permanent employment. This means they will be full of abilities that you might not explicitly need, but they could be useful to you. Ensuring you ask employees to tell you about their varied and even non-professional skills is a more modern way of recruiting than simply stating that you require x, y and z. 

Look for work experience or personal projects

Finally, especially if you are hiring for an entry-level position, consider the job market. Many young prospective employees have been unable to get long periods of work under their belts straight out of school or college, so have faith in their ability to learn and to have completed personal projects that have taught them transferable skills. Many young workers now work freelance, run blogs or video tutorials or have picked up many different work experience placements. Gone are the days of everybody being able to walk out of school and into a job, so always look for the best in those who have been unable to do so. 

Recruitment techniques must change and modernize, along with the rest of the business industry. Using technology and experts to help you will maximize your chances of making the correct decision on hiring a new recruit. 

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