What COVID-19 Safety Measures Should Be Taken Before Hair Transplant Surgery?

What COVID-19 Safety Measures Should Be Taken Before Hair Transplant Surgery? 2020 - Negosentro

Negosentro| What COVID-19 Safety Measures Should Be Taken Before Hair Transplant Surgery? |Whole world is facing crisis during covid pandemic and unfortunately there is no cure for this disease. The only thing which you can follow is the preventive measures to save yourself and the whole from the pandemic. It has been reiterated by our government to follow the guidelines presented by them for the safety of the whole nation.

Hair transplant in Delhi has gained popularity as the procedure is on high demand because of the high prevalence of baldness and the effectiveness of the procedure. Including, the hair transplant cost in Delhi is very economical as the hair transplant industry is quite saturated in the city and has huge competition. 

In covid pandemic everything has come to a halt and people were devoid of getting the dream come true experience of hair transplant like other services. But now lockdown is almost coming to an end but unfortunately the spread of the disease is not lowering. We need to be very cautious and watch our every tiny step as we might be numbers for the population but are world to our family. 

Dr Suneet Soni reiterate to all the patients to follow the strict protocols to keep you safe while visiting the clinic. Medispa hair transplant clinic makes sure to follow all the necessary norms for your safety but you need to support us at every step by doing what is required at your end. 

The guidelines which you need to follow include:

  1. Wash your hands frequently after touching any surface.
  2. Use sanitizer frequently when you are outdoors
  3. Don’t touch your face, mouth and nose with your hands 
  4. Avoid touching buttons, lift doors, any metal surface and switches with your fingers and do it with your elbows or knuckles.
  5. Wearing mask is mandatory while you are out and do not remove your mask while talking to anyone

What covid safety measures taken before hair transplant?

Covid is easily spread by close contact by any covid patient which makes every individual susceptible to carry this disease. There are certain protocols which we are strictly following to fight against corona virus and providing corona free environment to our patients. The safety measures which we are taking include: 

  1. Pre screening of the patients: When a patient book for an appointment we make sure the patient to undergo covid diagnostic test first before moving further to any step for hair transplant. Patients should surely have patience as this is for the benefit for all of us. The results might take 5 – 10 hours followed by which we initiate our services for hair transplant. 
  2. Avoid the patients with flu like symptoms: We strictly check the symptoms of patients if they are encountering any flu like symptoms. If yes, we advice the patient to go for self quarantine and consult the emergency ward of corona allotted hospitals. We are strictly avoiding any patient showing any symptoms of covid. 
  3. Proper sanitization: Medispa hair transplant clinic is well known for their standards which meet international level. We have always maintained proper aseptic conditions for our patients in our operatory. Now, we are taking all measures to sanitize every nook and corner of the clinic regularly. We fumigate our clinic on a regular basis, disinfect all the surfaces in the clinic and maintain high hygienic protocols. 
  4. Social distancing: Social distancing is very crucial to be safe from covid which is reiterated by government to follow everywhere. We are allowing the in office appointments only after prior scheduling by the patients so as to avoid crowding at the clinic which could violate the social distancing. Online appointments and virtual consultations are available at Medispa hair transplant clinic in India
  5. PPE kits: Our staff uses PPE kits strictly for their and your safety to fight against corona virus. Masks are mandatory to all our staff and they are regularly sanitized while entering the clinic and are investigated for the covid by the diagnostic test. 
  6. Stay at our centre: We are providing stay to our patients undergoing hair transplant so as to ensure their safety. All the amenities are provided during the stay to minimize the outdoor movement of the patients. 

If you were waiting during the lockdown to undergo hair transplant then you can surely book an appointment with us now and get the best experience of hair transplant with us with all the safety measures in covid free environment. 

We ensure your safety which will be possible with your support and patience. We look forward to treat you soon and deliver satisfactory outcomes by providing the best possible outcomes.