How to Trade Stocks Online Using Metastock

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Image: | How to Trade Stocks Online Using Metastock | Learning how to trade stocks can be tough to start with, but using the right software platform is key to a safe beginning. Metastock is one such platform. 

Knowing when to buy and when to sell has never been more important than in the stock market. To minimise your losses and maximise your profits is the goal, but you need the right platform to support your direction. Beating the odds and taking out the emotive side of trading has never been easier than with Metastock. 

When learning how to trade stocks effectively, Trading Computers is the best place to get started!

What is Metastock?

Metastock is a platform used to learn how to trade stocks while opening up your ability to profit from the trade market. This award-winning software package has been used for over 30 years and is a tool used to help analyse the markets you’re interested in. This will help you to approach the stock market with a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Metastock has been so successful that it has managed to sell 100’s of thousands of copies of their platform software all around the world. Functioning to help you on your way, it can also provide solutions to often unanswered queries. 

Metastock offers answers to many key questions asked by both new and returning traders alike. These would be important questions such as:

  • There are thousands of stocks to trade, how do I choose?
  • When is the best time to enter and exit a trade?
  • Which strategy should I use in my first investment?
  • How will I know where the prices are heading?

The Tools of Metastock

Trading tools are vital within the stock market to learn how to trade stocks and separate the successful from the unsuccessful. They work to create an easier to understand layout of the trading markets and improve chances of profit. To help you analyse the market correctly and effectively, you need the right trading platform tools for the job.

Metastock contains tools that allow you to scan the trade market, filtering and sorting stocks. This tool shows you the best times to buy and sell based on the criteria you are searching under. 

Back-testing tool

You can test your own strategies using their ‘back-testing’ process tool. This tool will show you how successful your chosen strategy would be in the future. Metastock even allows you to test multiple strategies on multiple stocks at the same time. More strategies being tested at the same time means increased potential for finding the best formula to successful trading.

Forecaster tool

With the Metastock ‘Forecaster’, you can use their ‘pattern-pending’ technology to view probable future prices. This tool displays the potentials in the upcoming future and how they might alter the stock market. The Metastock Forecaster tool will allow you to plan ahead and help design the best possible strategy when investing in your chosen stocks.

The Explorer Tool

Metastock’s Explorer tool is used to search for the best trades possible and available at the time of search. Many search tools function normally, but the Metastock explorer tool succeeds far beyond other trading platforms. This tool allows you to find the right information you need and apply it quickly and easily to your chosen trade strategies. 

Newcomer Friendly 

If you are just beginning your venture into stock trading, Metastock provides educational opportunities throughout. Metastock both displays buy and sell signals to optimise your trades while explaining everything through an easy commentary window. The commentary breaks down the technical language into an easy and understable translation of what each aspect you use does. 

Strategies and buy/sell orders can be hard to grasp initially when you begin; even become so frustrating many quit. Metastock is different. Strategy expectations and tool usage become a breeze with the commentary breakdown into simple explanations. This allows you to understand better and reach profit faster.

With Metastock’s tools, commentary assistance, answered questions and variety of statistical data, learning how to trade stocks has never been easier!

There’s More With Metastock

Metastock stands apart from the crowd of other trading platforms easily when you look at their history. Winning the Stocks and Commodities Readers Choice award for over 20 years in a row, Metastock shines bright in trading circles!

Metastock shines even brighter for day-traders with the number of add-on packages they provide. Real-time news, data and analysis package, Metastock Xenith gives you a huge advantage over rival traders. With an extremely powerful search tool and a flexible system, Zenith pushes you that much closer to profit!

Metastock is known for its world-class support, but with packages like Xenith, it goes that one step further. It provides an array of tools never before made available to private traders before! 

It is easy to see why Metastock continues to exceed expectations and remains one of the most successful trading platforms.

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