5 Steps to Avoiding Distractions

5-Steps-to-Avoiding-Distractions, how-to-shut-off-distractions, tips-to-stay-away-from-distractions

Mary Rae Floresca| Negosentro.com

Distractions are barriers to whatever tasks that you have to do on a day-to-day basis. To successfully complete your work, here are a few steps to avoiding distractions.

1. Control “social media pressure”

This is probably the most distracting thing that technology and the digital age influenced us. We understand that it is the fastest source of news and current affairs, but sometimes, you don’t really need to be always updated on what’s going on the lives of your friends on Facebook, right? Control yourself in browsing the newsfeed and your notification. Think if it’s really urgent than meeting your job’s deadlines.

2. Prepare your workplace

Before anything else, prepare your working desk, whether at home or at the office. Keep all necessary things visible, and put away things that you don’t need. You want to refrain from standing up from time to time just to get random things you forget to have it ready on your desk. Declutter your space, that is a big distraction. A good lighting will also help you to be concentrated.

3. Difficult task first

Work on the difficult tasks first in the morning. Tick off those on your to-do list, so little by little, your day will be lighter. You get a clearer mindset when you’re done with the difficult job first. Your minimizing the dreaded time you have to beat with the load of tasks you have lined up.

4. Surround yourself with positive people

As much as possible, stay away from people who initiates negative vibes into your mind. You will only stress yourself and feel drained when you surround yourself with them. Tehsin Bhyani, co-founder and CEO of Serind Labs from Success Magazine shared, “I now read an average of 2 books monthly, no longer hang out with friends who start conversations by complaining, and joined a co-working space where I’m surrounded by people who are driven by great ideas, optimism and who possess the work ethic to make their ideas a reality. I still struggle with some newer habits, but it’s changed my life.”

5. Close the door

If you are truly committed to finish your job, you may go an extra mile on closing your door. Your shutting off the distractions that may come in to your space like cats, annoying nieces or chatty coworkers. It sets your mind that, “the door’s closed, I can finish my task now without anyone disturbing me.”


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