The Ultimate Beach Towel Shopping Guide

The Ultimate Beach Towel Shopping Guide
Image source: | The Ultimate Beach Towel Shopping Guide | Australia has over 60,000 kilometres of coastline, making it one of the most popular beach destinations in the world. With over 10,000 beaches to choose from, you will never run out of options if you crave a relaxing getaway in a scenic stretch of sand here. And some of the most favourites include Queensland’s Whitehaven Beach, the Turquoise Bay in Western Australia, and the Wineglass Bay in Tasmania. Moreover, trips to these picturesque havens can be more exciting if you bring all the essentials, including sunblock, swimming attires, and the best beach towels in Australia. You only need to look for the most appropriate one to ensure that you have the best time under the sun.

However, looking for the right beach towels is not exactly a simple task. If you pick the wrong one, your dream getaway at the beach may turn out to be a failure. So, here are several features that you must look for if you want to take the right beach towel with you on your upcoming trip.

#1: Check If It Can Absorb Water 

The main purpose of beach towels is to dry your body off after you spend some time in the water. You also need it to have a place for laying on the sand. But, if the fabric of your beach towel does not dry fast, lounging on the sand can become uncomfortable. It will also give you a hard time shaking off the sand on the towel once you get home.

So, to avoid these challenges, you must find a towel made with a water-absorbent material, as it will help soak up all the moisture in the fastest possible time. And some of the best fabrics for this purpose include cotton and terry cloth.

#2: Look for Something Comfortable 

If you were to buy the best beach towels in Australia, they should give you a snug and serene feeling. So you must not settle on cheap beach towels even if they have the most attractive design. Moreover, if the fabric feels rough on the skin, it can be uncomfortable and itchy.

So it is often ideal to look for high-quality beach towels if you want to have fun during your beach getaway. And, towels made from cotton can be one of your best options.

#3: Find the Right Size 

Some towels can either be too small or too big, and it can be a bother if you want to use them for laying on the warm sand. In the meantime, you can get the best beach towel that can suit your needs if you pick something as tall as you. The ideal size could be around 60 inches by 28 inches. And if your height is still taller than that size, you may have to consider buying a beach blanket.

#4: Choose the Right Thickness 

Some people think that towels must be thicker to make you feel comfortable. However, taking extra thick towels to the beach can be a major chore. Thick towels are often bulky, and they will take up too much space in your weekend bag. It may also put more weight on your belongings when wet. So, look for beach towels that are not too thick to avoid inconveniences.

#5: Pick the Right Colour 

Some people choose their beach towels based on their favourite colours. But you must keep in mind that towels with darker colours can absorb more heat. And this can be bothersome if you have no plans to feel excessive warmth on the beach. So you must stir away from black or grey colours when purchasing beach towels.

So, when getting beach towels, you must go for those with bright colours and big patterns. It will also help you stand out if the beach becomes overcrowded.

Finding the right beach towels does not have to be very complicated. You can follow these tips to ensure that you pick the best ones for your upcoming beach trip. And this will ensure that you have the most memorable time on some of the most popular Australian beaches.

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