Dress right – the secrets to a workwear style that is uniquely yours.

Dress right
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Negosentro.com | Dress right – the secrets to a workwear style that is uniquely yours | Dressing for work has been a woman’s privilege since the early 1920s. As women came to be accepted in areas that were traditionally male-dominated, women have had to express their authority and individuality via dressing appropriately.

Cut to the 21st century, where the evolution in women’s workwear has reflected the myriad new job opportunities that have opened up for women. Whether you are a suave manager, an astute consultant, a healthcare professional, or a talent in the entertainment industry, your work attire announces your presence in a room well before you do.

So, how do you highlight your individuality while conforming to the rules of dressing at work?

Leverage Colours 

Scarlet is your go-to colour to communicate power. It puts you in the spotlight, so choose scarlet on a day when you know you will be the star of the show. An all-red power suit with statement red heels will make you shine at a business formal event. For day-to-day professional attire, you can incorporate red by wearing a beige skirt with a floral scarlet blouse or a red and white tweed pencil-cut chemise.

Blue is associated with sincerity and reliability. Navy Blue has the same sombre aura as black but gives you an opportunity to bring your unique individuality to the whole outfit by its sheer versatility. You can wear an all-blue ensemble with a sleeveless shell top with navy culottes, or you could wear one signature navy jacket with an ivory turtle-necked sleeveless dress. If the occasion allows for a more vibrant colour, choose a cobalt blue dress to bring dynamic energy to the table.

Apple Green represents peace, growth, and harmony. Like the flavour, apple green can be cheerful. Greens are generally calming to the eye and can promote optimism. You can wear them on days when you may find yourself in a position of negotiation or mediation.

White clothes signify elegance, professionalism and modernity. Additionally, your freedom to accessorize rises exponentially when you wear an all-white ensemble. Imagine wearing a sleek white maxi dress to a formal dinner and pairing it with red heels and a red sequined clutch. In your everyday essentials, whites play the part of anchoring your look. Pair it with any other colour to tone the influence of the colour to your desired level.

Leverage silhouettes:

Relaxed Trousers: Business attire need not feel constricting. You can choose bottom-wear with a wider silhouette to signify that you are comfortable with the responsibilities you are handling. Choose wide-legged palazzo pants that put a spotlight on your feminine charm. You can also go for linen culottes for a casual Friday look.

Fitted Trousers: Nothing is as slimming and flattering as a pair of slim-fit pencil pants. They pair excellently with floral tops, tops with detailing such as wide, kimono-style sleeves, or even with plain sleeveless blouses.

The statement shoulder: 2021 is seeing a glorious comeback of the square shoulders of the 1980s. If you would like to exert your energy in a room, there’s no better way than to wear a dramatic jacket with padded shoulders. Keep your other clothes muted to enhance the effect of a bold statement piece.

Leverage your identity

If you are still confused about women’s workwear, follow these simple tips to look good and feel good in any appropriate attire:

  • Be comfortable: don’t let your clothes distract you from work. Your clothes must allow for physical mobility without any wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Try to emulate your work role models: learn lessons not only from their work style but their personal fashion too.
  • Be polished and professional: looking put together does not only mean wearing a snappy outfit. Consider getting a good haircut that does not require you to waste hours on setting your hair right; consider investing in a good skin routine that eliminates having to hide under layers of make-up. Nothing is as reassuring as someone who is comfortable in their own skin.
  • Do your homework: learn about the company’s dress codes, their work ethics, and the expectation from you for any particular event. It will save you embarrassment.

Women’s workwear has come a long way from scullery maid dresses to the uber-chic dress suits of today. Women are free more than ever before to choose what suits them and to wear it with a flair and feminine grace that is sure to turn heads.

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