6 Different Garden Tools and Their Uses

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Negosentro.com | 6 Different Garden Tools and Their Uses | According to a study, 52% of Australian households are planting and cultivating some of their own food. Meanwhile, growing a garden the whole year round is possible in most parts of the country because of its favourable climate.

The almost year-round growing season has made buying garden tools online in Australia one of the favourite hobbies of hobbyists and serious gardeners alike. The many available garden tools have made growing plants, flowers, and vegetables more enjoyable and less laborious for gardeners.

So, there are many gardening tools that you can buy, and here are the common ones:

  1. Hand Trowels

It is one of the must-have tools for every gardener. It is used to dig up beds, put soil into pots, and for aerating the garden bed. A hand trowel is the one tool that you should have because of its versatility and usefulness. Meanwhile, Australia’s soil is fairly workable, so a hand trowel is enough to help you with your digging.

  1. Garden Gloves

A pair of garden gloves is very important because it protects your hands while working in your garden. It keeps your hands clean while digging up soil, and it protects your hands from sharp objects in the soil and from thorns and prickles. It also prevents your hands from getting blisters from too much digging and will protect your hands from getting in contact with plants that you are allergic to. Moreover, it will keep your hand safe when applying fertilisers.

  1. Pruning Shears

A pruning shear is a beneficial garden tool as it helps you do your trimming and harvesting jobs efficiently. You will do a lot of cutting and trimming during your gardening season, so you should get yourself a nice pair of pruning shears. Australia’s plants are also hardy, so you have to ensure that your pruning shears are kept sharp.

  1. Garden Hoe

A garden hoe is an excellent tool for clearing unwanted weeds. It can easily chop through the weeds that are choking your plants, and it can also be used for spreading compost. There are different shapes and sizes of the blade, so you choose one that best suits your needs. For instance, you will need a delicate blade for flower gardens, and for a vegetable garden, you will need a wider hoe.

  1. Hose

A hose is essential in any Australian garden because it can sometimes be too hot and dry. A hose will make watering more effortless, and it will be great if your hose comes with an adjustable spray nozzle. You don’t want to splatter water all over your seedling tray, but just a gentle mist.

  1. Digging Shovel

This tool is very useful for making garden beds, digging holes for posts and seedlings, and for transferring dirt. It is also great for mixing compost or fertiliser into your soil. So, every gardener must have a digging shovel.

Aside from these common tools, it would also make your job easier if you had a:

  • Wheelbarrow for transporting dirt and plants.
  • Loppers for cutting branches.
  • Hori Hori garden knife for chopping and digging.
  • Pruning saw for older branches.
  • Spading fork for your mulch.
  • Edger for making your garden beds pretty.
  • Weeder for removing unwanted weeds.

So, you can buy garden tools online in Australia from reputed online vendors. They will have delightful garden tools that can help you grow award-winning vegetables and flowers.

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