The Role of Dental Visits in Promoting Good Health

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Dentists advise their patients to schedule a minimum of two visits annually because going to the dentist regularly is vital for maintaining dental health. Along with regular examinations, you need to play your role by keeping your teeth and gums as clean, strong and healthy as possible. If you require extra help, your dentist may recommend additional visits.

What to Expect During Dental Checkups

Examining your teeth and looking for signs of tooth decay is one of the aspects of regular dental checkups. During regular visits, dentists and dental hygienists assess how healthy your gums are and check on your head and neck to find out if there is any problem.

The dentist examines and screens your mouth for signs of cancer or other conditions such as diabetes. Patients can also expect their dentist to examine their face, jaw and bite. Dentists clean teeth professionally and educate you on how to maintain good dental hygiene in between examinations.


Dentists usually emphasize on plaque because it builds up within a short period of time if you do not practice proper oral hygiene at home. Different types of food and drinks as well smoking can stain your teeth. If soft plaque is not removed, it hardens on teeth and irritates gum tissue.  Without treatment, plaque may end up causing gum disease.

Routine Checks

During a dental appointment, the dentist usually examines the gums, tongue, throat and mouth. There are various aspects of dental examinations. The dentist examines your head and neck by looking at your face and neck before checking lymph nodes and the joints of the lower jaw. Visit dental offices in Aurora Co for a range of dental treatments.

Dental Examination

Dental examinations involve evaluating the condition of your teeth and gums through a gum examination to look for any indications of gum disease. The dentist checks on the strength and stability of your teeth, observes your mouth tissues and examines the tongue. Dentists check for signs of tooth decay, loose teeth, damaged dental appliances and your bite. Your dentist may also need to take x-rays. View yelp page here.

Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional dental cleaning is aimed at maintaining the cleanliness of your mouth and plaque removal. The teeth are polished and flossed while cleaning your mouth. During dental cleaning, your brushing and flossing methods are reviewed.

Information and Recommendations

After examining and cleaning your teeth, you will be informed about your general dental health and further recommendations may be made.  It is essential for you to go to a dentist as often as recommended for a regular dental examination and professional cleaning. When you see your dentist regularly and take care of your dental hygiene at home, you will effectively optimize your oral health.

Value of Dental Visits

Regular visits promote good dental health, teach you the importance of oral hygiene and detect dental problems early. Dental checkups prevent tooth decay that causes pain that disrupts normal life and can lead to other medical problems. Healthy teeth are necessary for chewing food properly, speaking clearly and having a confident smile.

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