Get Cloud Storage, Get Enhanced Security for Your Data

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As technology disruptor, cloud storage has been under critical scrutiny for quite some time now. It helps businesses to incur considerable cost savings on installation of in-house equipment version upgrade or adding to the existing configuration to meet the growing demand for data storage. It is here that 3rd party cloud storage shows its true mettle as a technology worth investing in.

However, before relying on 3rd party cloud storage providers, business users, and companies would prefer to be absolutely sure about the safety and security of their confidential data. With numerous companies and enterprises facing in-house data security issues quite frequently, entrepreneurs, and companies are finding it imperative to look for the best cloud-based storage facilities. Data breaches happen to be one of the biggest challenges to business, leading to loss of revenues and negative brand sentiments. However, cloud storage helps alleviate these challenges to a great extent.

It’s here that we come across a highly crucial question. What is it that makes Cloud Storage the safest option? Is it at all possible to ensure perfect data security with Cloud Storage? Let’s check it out and know more.

Protection issues

When it boils down to Cloud Security, the first thing that comes to the mind is data encryption. By utilizing complex algorithms, encryption strengthens data security like never before. Even if hackers need to obtain encrypted data sets, they will have to use the encryption key.

Since the process of decryption requires necessary expertise, skills, and in-depth knowledge, it becomes quite tough for hackers. Breach of security is prevented, thus ensuring proper data safety. There’s no denying the fact that cloud storage is the best option for perfect data security, and it’s highly effective than the conventional means.

By utilizing efficient, complex, and robust security measures, the Cloud ensures optimum security for crucial enterprise data.

Ways cloud storage ensures data security

If you are one those dedicated data security officers or enterprise managers, perfect data security will be amongst your prime responsibilities. Choosing the most efficient ‘cloud storage’ service provider will be of paramount significance, as that will help you achieve desired levels of security. Some of the most significant aspects involved in this process include:

  • Password security: Ensuring password security will be critical to safeguarding your enterprise data. Your data safety and storage security goals will go haywire if hackers gain access to your passwords. Try to create passwords with a combination of symbols, letters, and numbers. It is important to note that proficient hackers will have an idea of the probable passwords. You will need to outwit them, by creating something unique that doesn’t contain personal details.
  • Perfect Encryption: With nCrypted Cloud and Credeon, users will get the opportunity to ensure top-grade encryption. They will have the chance to store data safely according to their specifications. That’s not all; users will also have the opportunity to share important data files with others through a secure Document Management System.

It’s through these ways that cloud storage promotes and ensures perfect data security. Want to have a look at some of the game changers in this domain? Read on!

New discoveries: Cloud storage at its best

Every online entrepreneur wants to achieve huge amounts of web traffic for their sites. And the problem seems to originate right there. Traffic comes from ‘n’ number of 3rd parties, which undoubtedly keeps data security at risk. No matter how hard you try, information and data on the virtual platform continue to be vulnerable.

However, things are changing for the better. The emergence of Dropbox and nCrypted Cloud brings great opportunities for data security by alleviating the risks and keeping hackers at bay. These products help keep your data safe and maintain its integrity online. This factor adds more power to cloud security, thus eliminating the chances of data loss and theft.

Final thoughts

Whether you embrace cloud storage individually or integrate it along with other systems, it will continue to be the most effective data security measure. Cloud storage is rapidly gaining ground and has considerable significance for every enterprise today looking to gain competitive traction. With more and more companies and establishments choosing cloud storage, it is surely heading towards exponential growth.

If we turn to statistics, you will come across nearly 86% of enterprises embracing the cloud revolution for enterprise data storage. Also, global data center IP traffic is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25% from 2014 to 2019.

Such statistical trends reveal quite a few crucial facts. Firstly, it denotes that cloud storage is increasingly being adopted as a reliable, and cost-effective option for advanced data security and storage in this age of information explosion. Secondly, when compared with alternatives, deploying your data to cloud storage is a great investment that helps add to your business margins.