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Negosentro.com | Which Are The Best Android VPN Apps | How good are you at protecting your privacy? Too many of us don’t try very hard to keep at bay all the potential threats on the internet, and most of us don’t even know what they’re dealing with. The key to protecting yourself is knowing what might come across your path, and this rule can be put to use in all areas of life.

When browsing the World Wide Web, you’re constantly under surveillance, and not just you, but all of us. It is important to figure out how to keep under the radar and what should be your course of action when protecting what belongs to you, both when it comes to your privacy and security.

To the date, virtual private networks (VPN) remain the most all-encompassing solution available, which is why more and more internet users opt out for accessing the internet through it. In short, a VPN will hide your IP address, encrypt your internet connection, allow you to bypass all forms of geo-blocking and keep your data secure at all times. Not only that, but a good VPN provider will keep zero logs of your activity, so that no one, including them, can’t misuse them.

Also, if you decide that VPN is what you want to do, you should make an informed decision. There are hundreds of VPN companies, and you can be sure that they were not created equal. This is why you should assess what your VPN needs are, whether you are looking for the best gaming vpn, a VPN that will help you bypass country restrictions on Netflix, or just a good all-rounder that is going to give you a little extra security, do your research and then decide which provider would be best for you.

If at all possible, you should protect all of your devices with a VPN, including your Android devices like your mobile phone or tablet. Whenever you’re using the internet without protection, no matter from what device, you risk your private information as well as your overall security. This is why today we’ll talk about what are the best Android VPN apps currently on the market and what they have to give in exchange for a monthly fee.

Fast Secure VPN

We’ll begin with a VPN provider that offers some basic features when it comes to protection of your privacy, but is excellent for getting around any form of geo-blocking under the sun. If you’re regularly exposed to restrictions not allowing you to access certain piece of content just because you live in a certain country, then you are one of many, and Fast Secure VPN will do just fine for you. How it works is that your VPN provider actually seemingly transports your IP address to another location aka to the country where the desired content is available. In this process, your VPN helps you in two ways – it keeps your real location hidden and it allows you to get to any website and its content without much trouble.

Express VPN

Not only does this provider boast with strong reputation and excellent service, they are also in the never ending process of improving their offer, which is what brings them to the top of our list. Too many providers don’t show the initiative to make their services better, but it is not the case with Express VPN. They will give you a strong protection along with masking your IP address and tools to get you around restrictions all over the internet.

Their VPN app for Android has been tested enough by thousands of clients, and has proven to be trustworthy and highly effective. Express VPN also has servers in over seventy countries, so wherever you are, you’ll be able to get to any content you set your eyes to.
This company has zero logging policy, which means that all your web activity and history will be deleted from the company’s logs and this is one of the quintessential perks you should be looking for in a VPN provider. Your internet connection will be secured with SSL-protocol and 256-bit encryption – probably the optimal combination you can get from any VPN company worth their salt. Express VPN review won’t in any way restrict neither your bandwidth nor your speed, so you can stream anything you want without any fear that you can use up all the bandwidth. All in all, Express VPN is reliable provider that can protect you in any way you require.


Viper VPN has got a lot of praise for their VPN Android app, as well as for their services in general. With over seven hundred servers worldwide and over 200,000 IP addresses to have your back and keep your location secret, you can easily understand why VYPR is very popular with both basic and advanced internet users.

Reportedly, they have some of the fastest VPN connections in the niche, though this is the information found on their website, so take it with a pinch of salt. But what has been tested a lot of times is the security they offer, and it exceeds expectations. They’ll have at your disposal Open VPN protocol and 256-bit protection, which are a great match on all fields. If nothing else can persuade you, take a look at the reviews they’ve got and you’ll know what both clients and IT experts think of them.

Pure VPN

This is significantly younger VPN provider than many of its competitors, but the quality of their service is a pleasant surprise. Maybe they’ve learned on other companies’ mistakes or maybe they just know what makes a good VPN provider, but Pure VPN has found its place in many lists just like this that deal with the best of what VPN world has to offer.
Along with solid features like 256-bit encryption and SLL protocol, Pure VPN gives you the chance of buying a dedicated IP address, which basically means that you have the possibility to use one server on your own, without any other users meddling in, like it happens without dedicated IP. In optimal conditions, you won’t feel the presence of all the other users, but sometimes servers can crash due to overuse, which can be avoided by using dedicated IP.

F-Secure Freedome VPN

One of the main reasons we would like to recommend F-Secure Freedome VPN for your Android devices is because it comes with an antivirus that is completely compatible with your virtual private network. Using two fronts to protect your sensitive information and remain as hidden as possible is the best course of action that you can take, and Freedome offers exactly that.

One other commendable thing about this VPN is its interface, which was designed with a lot of care about the user experience. It is easy to understand and use and you won’t have any difficulties in setting up this program. – by Adam Ferraresi.

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