The Importance of Investing in Memorial Lots in the Philippines

Investing in Memorial Lots in the Philippines

Death may be the opposite of life, but as much as we despise it, it is part of our lives. We don’t really want death to happen. However, it comes in the most unpredictable circumstances. So, instead of you or your family dwelling in shock and confusion, it’s recommended to get yourself or your loved ones a dependable funeral service plan that will take care of funeral needs.

While many are so busy planning for the future, it’s not common for us Filipinos to plan for our death. Why would we when there’s so much to live for? But the reality is, everyone will face death. And for this reason, buying memorial lots and early on is a wise investment.

Let’s take a look at the cost of death and burial. As of the year 2017, here’s a list of the prices to pay:

  • Professional fees
    • mortuary care, body transport, and wooden casket – PHP 30,000 – PHP 150,000
    • mortuary care, body transport, and metal casket – PHP 250,000 – PHP 500,000
  • Burial
    • Lot – PHP 110,000 – PHP 500,000
    • Interment fee – PHP 33,000 – PHP 50,000
    • Marker – PHP 1,700 – PHP 15,000
  • Ceremony
    • Officiating priest – PHP 1,500 – PHP 5,000
    • Food for guests (50 pax) – PHP 5,000 – PHP 25,000
  • Cremation
    • Regular – PHP 25,000
    • Powder fire – 150,000
  • Other expenses
    • Death and cremation certificate – PHP 3,000
    • Flowers – PHP 3,000 – PHP 5,000
    • Food and beverages – PHP 10,000 – PHP 30,000

An average funeral service costs PHP 200,000, while most higher-end services can go up to PHP 1,500,000. This doesn’t include the hospital bills, which can amount from PHP 100,000 to millions of pesos. 

Get a more meaningful funeral

When financial burden is out of the question, your family can focus more on what needs to be done. The least that we want them to do is to deal with their losses while also knocking on other people’s doors just to pay for the funeral and memorial fees.

Care for your family even when you’re not around

Losing a loved one is painful as it is, let alone the cost and other arrangements that come with it. Signing up for a pre-need funeral plan and buying a memorial lot allow you to take care of your family until the end. It’s also a way of comforting them, knowing that the burden of death expenses have been taken off their shoulders.

Since death is inevitable, the best thing we could do is plan for it and do our best to help our family better cope up with the situation. You can also think of it as an investment, because if you don’t know, the value of memorial lots appreciate overtime. Not only you are planning the inevitable, but you’re also allowing your hard earned money to double or triple as time pass by.

Speak with a trusted memorial lots agent from Forest Lake Memorial Parks today to know your options on memorial lot for sale, funeral packages, and more.

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