Why you should use your phone to make payments in stores instead of a credit card

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Imagine a life where you had to withdraw money from the bank to make a simple payment. That was life before the invention of ATMs, credit, and debit cards. It did not stop there. Banks continued to improve their services by introducing mobile payments.

Mobile payment is convenient for both merchants and buyers. If you want to know why it is a better option than credit cards, here are reasons why you should use it.

Why credit cards are a problem

Credit cards help you to make quick purchases. If you want to make a $1,000 purchase, you can do it even though your account balance could be way less than that. The bank will deduct that amount at the end of the month.

As much as credit cards come so many benefits such as bonuses, there are particular problems that these cards could not solve. Some of them include:

–         You have to have your credit card physically for you to use it. That brings in another problem. It is also easy for you to lose it

–         Tracing these cards when you lose them is a challenge.  Bankers can locate where they were used last but reclaiming the card is not easy

–         People can use your credit card to make purchases without your knowledge. After they steal it from you, it may take time before the bank freezes its use.

Why you should use mobile payments

According to Simon Sule, the Managing Director and Founder of Credit Cards NZ, virtual wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay are a welcome change to the credit card industry which has been plagued with fraud and he believes these services are set to become more mainstream in the next couple of years.

Although not many merchants accept mobile payments, it offers so many benefits. Here are some of them.

  1. You do not need many cards on your physical wallets

Not many people like carrying these credit cards around. If you have several, then squeezing them in your mobile wallet is cumbersome. Mobile wallets do not require any physical cards. 

That means, with your phone, you can make payments conveniently.

Furthermore, since most mobile wallets are convenient, it allows you to make purchases quickly and at your convenience.

  1. Easy to track your phone if you lose it

The most significant problem that people face with credit cards is that losing it does not stop criminals from using them. He or she can make online purchases still.

It is something that many never happen with mobile payment. For instance, if you have a security lock for your phone, then it means you just made things harder. The criminal has a difficult time trying to access your bank accounts or credit cards.

People also use tracking apps if they intend to get back their lost phone.

  1. Mobile payments offer bonuses

Most people will run to credit cards because you can get rewards. Nonetheless, mobile payment credit cards can provide that as well. With the right aggregator or merchant, you are sure that you will be getting bonuses for all the purchases that you make on their platform.


As you can see, mobile payment offers numerous benefits. Some credit card companies are also taking advantage of this. Thus, they will develop apps, which they will integrate with ATMs as well. Be sure that you select the right credit card. You will be able to enjoy the benefits that these virtual systems provide.

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