Trampoline Safety Equipment To Consider

Trampoline Safety Equipment

Trampoline Safety Equipment To Consider | Trampolines are all fun and games until someone gets hurts by them. It’s not often that one thinks about how this exciting jumping item can become a serious safety hazard. Well, you can never really tell until you see that emergency rooms are full of injuries caused by trampolines. 

Kids, teens, and even adults love to jump on trampolines. They’re not only fun but also a good source of exercise that helps with coordination skills and keeping active. For kids, it’s the best way to release their energy, especially if there are 14ft trampolines installed right in their backyard.

However, as a parent and an adult, trampoline safety is a major question. Not knowing when your child is using the trampoline and how safe it is can be worrisome.

There are many resources available on how to maintain trampoline safety and how it can become dangerous for kids but this should not become the reason why your kid has to let go of this fun activity altogether.

Hence, it’s important to understand the seriousness of trampoline safety and consider the safety equipment that comes with the trampoline. These safety equipment and features are parts of trampolines that you can fix and make the trampoline the safest for your kids. We will also discuss the safety guidelines that parents need to take in order to reduce the risk of injuries.  

Trampoline Safety Equipment and Features  

The first thing to do with your trampoline is to assess it for its safety. All trampolines come with springs, a frame, a mat, and poles that help them stand firmly on the ground. Before buying a new trampoline or allowing your children to play on it, take note of the following safety equipment and features –

  • Spring Safety 

All trampolines have springs that make jumping on the trampoline so much fun in the first place. These springs are strongly placed and tightly intact below the surface of the trampoline pad. In order to ensure safety, all springs should be checked. They should be properly covered so that they don’t physically pinch or cause injuries to anyone. They should be tightly packed as a loose spring can disrupt the balance and control, resulting in a fall. If you are buying a 10ft trampoline, make sure it has composite rods beneath the frame instead of metal coil springs.

  • Frame Safety 

Many old designs of trampolines were made of exposed metal frames, which put children at risk of injuries. Even if one’s foot or any other part of the body landed on these frames, the resulting injuries could potentially be very serious. Frame safety is vital to prevent accidents. If you are buying a new trampoline, you may want to look for one that has its frame beneath the jumping surface. If you have an old trampoline with a metal frame, you can put up a safety net or enclosure limiting the jumping area.

  • Mat or Pad Composition 

The mat or pad is the surface on which you land when you are jumping. The composition of the mat is the top-most safety feature to be looked out for. If the mat is hard or has spiky edges, you must install a soft impact product on it to improve safety. You can also buy trampolines with foam pads that are at least one-inch thick – the thicker the better. Padding or protective mats can be used on old trampolines that need it.

  • Pole Padding 

Many new trampoline models now come with padded poles to prevent injuries. Older models were made up of rigid, steel poles that were dangerous as they could cause injuries if landed upon.

  • Safety Nets 

Trampolines come with safety nets that are flexible. Flexible nets have the tendency to catch the jumper and push back their body so that they can take control of it again. However, a safety net is overall the best feature when using trampolines for kids. 

Safety net enclosures are made from strong flexible dense polyethylene material that the jumper can bounce back from. These enclosures are high enough to make sure your kids don’t go flying off in another direction. The net can be built-in like in many new trampoline designs, while some can also be installed later. When buying a new trampoline, remember to check the material and durability of the safety net. The point of the safety net is to be strong enough to hold the body weight.  

  • Trampoline Skirt 

A trampoline skirt feature is one that prevents kids from falling off the surface or going underneath the trampoline while others are bouncing on it. The skirt also prevents objects from getting stuck underneath the trampoline, which can later become hazardous.

  • Spring-less Trampolines 

New and advanced trampoline designs have various new features including the spring-less option. They are considered to be the safest trampolines to date. 

An 8ft trampoline is the minimum size available in spring-less options with a cost at $1200 or higher. These trampolines are made without springs and come with an in-built safety net. Instead of the heavy metal springs, these are made using flexible, composite rods that are placed beneath the pad. They aren’t visible or accessible, making them safer. 

Other safety measures when using a trampoline include wearing the appropriate clothes and getting rid of heavy jewelry or accessories. Parents should always be watching on their kids when they are playing on the trampolines. They should also educate kids about the safety measures they need to take while playing. 

It is essential to carry out the maintenance of your trampoline if you have an old one. There are many safety equipments and gear available that can be used on these trampolines to make them as safe as possible. OZ Trampolines offers several parts and additional accessories that you can use to renew your old trampoline. 

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