The Cloud Sourcing Revolution


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We hear a lot of people talking about the ‘Cloud computing’ and how it is affecting their businesses. Unfortunately, a number of don’t even know what cloud computing is. To us it sounds like a completely alien term.

The ways of the world are changing and the traditional way of managing a business is no longer in existence. Today’s world uses a lot of technology to solve the problems that often baffled the wisest business men. The real question however is… Is cloud computing one of these revolutionary technologies?

To be able to answer that we need to know what is cloud computing. Let’s take a look and find out.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is nothing but the ability to source computing resources from the cloud. To access cloud and data centres you need internet connection. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Now the next logical question that any logical person will ask is… What are computing resources?

IT staff are considered to be computing resources. The cloud now provides you with an alternative place from which you can source your important IT work from outside the company.

Understanding the concept behind cloud computing is one thing. Knowing how it works however is also important. To understand this let us compare the computing services with the electricity you use in the house.

You get charged for the amount of electricity that you use. If your electric devices are turned off, then your consumption of electricity decreases. The cost incurred for electricity however increases if you increase your consumption of electricity.

Now, cloud computing works in a similar way. It provides computing resources at your door step and charges you for what you use.

How Does Cloud Computing Affect Businesses?

The reason why cloud computing is gaining popularity is primarily because of how it affects businesses. The ability to source computing resources means that companies can now source all their IT work. What does that mean for a business? It means that you can downsize staff.

Another factor that you need to consider is the availability of IT staff. Most of people who are involved in the recruitment process know that the pool of available IT staff is very small. This means that the IT staff that we employ work at a high premium.

Cloud sourcing helps to eliminate the need to pay a high premium. This is because cloud sourcing ensures that the IT staff are not in short supply. Surplus of anything always helps to reduce the costs. The same is true when you find a surplus source of manpower.

Sourcing the IT work outside the company means that you do not have to worry about deadlines. Now, it is you who sets the deadlines. The need to micro manage also reduces. The amount of staff needed by the company also reduces. This means that the company saves on both time and money (as it has less salaries to pay).

Cloud computing does present businesses a great way to improve their productivity. The real question however is… Do businesses really want to get rid of the IT staff? After all, micro managing your work can lead to much better results. The tussle that is seen is because of the uncertainty that a new concept brings to the market.

2016 has begun to crawl along and businesses are slowly catching on to the idea of cloud computing. It may just be the thing that revolutionizes the way businesses work!

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