Top 5 Tips to Grow Your Social Media Audience


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Actually, unlike other media campaigns social media always does not need a fat budget to make the audience grow. Basically the success of your social media campaign depends mainly on two things, respectively on how you respond to the demand of your customers and how fast you can give it to them. So more than budget and flashy ads, it is engagement that rules here.

Let’s take a look at top 5 tips to grow your social media audience.

1. Make use of hashtag wisely

Hashtag is a great Twitter tool to create a new buzz or catch hold of a buzz going on and thereby drawing attention. If you can wisely make use of hashtag campaign, you can quickly earn the attention of a fresh audience who would follow you and stay with you.

  • You can either create a new hashtag campaign or just jump on an existing hashtag relevant to your business.
  • Picking the appropriate hashtag is the key here to avoid dissatisfaction and grab positive attention.
  • Hashtag is a great way to participate and let audience participate to a topic and engage with them.

2. Engage more with existing audience

If you already have a social profile with some users, you should bank upon them positively to spread the message and help your user base grow. Besides making your campaign engage with new people you should make a solid strategy to engage with the existing ones.

  • Ask your users relevant questions and give response to their queries and thus always make users feel you are attending them.
  • A brand that listens to users and responds to their concerns quickly will make users stick to you and push users for spreading the message.
  • Lastly, when the user base grows and your social page brims with energy and activities never forget rewarding the loyal followers.

3. Use social analytics and other tools

How your social campaign is going on and what aspects you need to pay attention to? Without a feedback mechanism you never know these aspects. The social analytics and other tools allow you to see where you can optimize and where you need to patch up a few things.

  • You can use an analytics dashboard with your page to track various trends like the type of posts popular at the moment, time when posts draw most audience, topics to avoid, what elements are key influencers, etc.
  • There is a whole array of effective social media tools that can offer robust feedback and analysis of your social activities. Some of the well known social media marketing tools include Followerwonk, SocialBro, Tweeple, Quintly, etc.

4. Engage in Facebook groups

Obviously, with your profile on the largest, heterogeneous and most active social site like Facebook you need to have a solid strategy to create niche audience. Facebook Group is the best tool to find, create and engage with your niche audience.

  • First of all, find the groups that your target audience is more likely to take an interest.
  • Once you have found such groups, join them and engage into discussions.

5. Make a proactive LinkedIn presence

LinkedIn is always known for its professional focus to relevance and quality. LinkedIn is crowded by professionals and experts and so adding value with your posts, maintaining high degree of relevance and proactive approach are important here.

  • Engage in the discussions and add value through answers that helps people find what they need.
  • LinkedIn as a social platform allows also posting blogs and often simply by posting quality blog posts many members came up with a follower base exceeding thousands.

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