The Attraction Of Mido Watches

Mido Watches
Credit: | The Attraction Of Mido Watches | Mido watches have a strong 90-year history, which really draws connoisseurs. They are of good quality and surprisingly relatively cheap due to their reputation.

The company was founded in 1919 and started to produce innovative and attractive watches. The first Mido watch that really captured the imagination was the Multifort. It had the look of a classic mechanical watch, except that it was exciting. The first of its kind and of course sent people to the stores to buy it. What they brought was not only automatic but also quality, a word that would linger on Mido for years. The watches had solid springs and precise timing.

The second innovation was to bring a watch to the market with all hands in the middle. Previously, seconds, minutes, and hours were separated. It doesn’t make any sense now, but then it was a revelation and another big seller for Mido.

And inventions kept coming, about to the public’s demand. They have developed the strongest winding mechanism of all time. Their next contribution for a few years was the smallest ladies’ watch of all time.

Mido watches were so often associated with quality that a comic strip was devoted to them. One on a Mido robot that never stopped, but kept going.

A year later, the scale design, known as the commander’s watch, helped improve the durability of the watches. People no longer resume watches after just 6 months of use. Instead, Mido had managed to develop a model that would survive many watches from a few years’ time. The competition was undoubtedly irritated.

In the 1970s, the company contributed to the development of waterproof watches with the Aquadura Crown Sealing system. It was not the first waterproof watch but was quickly recognized as the best quality. They were still selling well; people were impressed they could swim in them and time their laps without ever damaging the watch.

Finally, they presented the world timer. A watch that can display the time in any part of the world. This, of course, made them very popular with business people who no longer had to run to ask people who spoke a different language.

All these innovations have left the name Mido in public memory. Many other companies would rest on their laurels, knowing they could tear it all down and sell well. It’s a credit to Mido for not doing this by launching watches that challenged the competition to do better.

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