Strategic Ways E-Commerce Businesses Can Use Coupon Codes & Promotional Discounts

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While coupon codes are a great way that you can save some extra money while making purchases online, they are also a great way for businesses to make more sales.  In fact, coupon codes from are the perfect way for an online retailer to boost their sales and increase their profits.  Here are some of the strategic ways that a business can use coupon codes to make more online sales.

Use for Cart Abandonment and Retargeting

If an online store is in a more competitive market, the use of coupon codes is an excellent way to start getting sales.  With the use of retargeting ads, the business owner can then show their coupon codes to the same people, regardless of where they go online.  This works great as the retargeting will only be seen by those people who have been to the online store. Now if those people added items to their shopping cart and decided not to purchase them for whatever reason, sending them a coupon code is a great way to persuade them to come back and buy.

Using Partners to Promote

To help spread the word about your online store, having partners promote your coupon code is a great way to get more traffic.  Simply supply your partner with some type of special discount that they are then able to distribute to their audience. You can even offer that partner some type of commission on any sales that come from their coupon code to help incentivize them even more.

Reward Your Loyal Followers

Since every business owner should have a Facebook fan page, you can use that platform to offer your coupon codes to those who have liked your page.  If you do decide to do this, you can either offer the special coupon code to everyone, or limit it to your more loyal fans as well.

Incentivize People to Take Action

Another coupon code strategy that tends to work exceptionally well is to offer the discounts to first time buyers.  By doing this, you are actually doing several different things at the same time. The main one being that it will create a sense of scarcity, as these new people are going to have to take action right now to take advantage of the discount.  This is a great way to get the people who are on the fence to take action and purchase some items.

Discounts for More Sales

In today’s society, everybody is programmed to compare prices and find the absolute best deal they can.  This is exactly what coupon codes can do for your online business. While there are several different methods you can use to offer your visitors a coupon code, the best is to have them sign up for your email list in exchange for the discount.  They sign up for your newsletter or mailing list, and then they get access to a special coupon code that they can use immediately if they so desire.

Coupon codes are a great way to help drive sales for any online business.  By utilizing the correct strategy, you will easily be able to increase your sales and followers, while keeping customers coming back for years to come.

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