Start-ups at Bengaluru for Surge 2016

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Startups from across India and seventy countries congregated together in Bengaluru, India on the 23rd and 24th of February 2016.  These were largely technology startups. There were more than five thousand of them from seventy countries that attended this global technology business event. It was organized first time in India by Paddy Cosgrave and his Irish Web Summit team.  Bengaluru also known as Bangalore is India’s equivalent of Silicon Valley.

The event had fielded some great speakers. US based Naveen Jain co-founder of the privately funded commercial space company Moon Express gave an overview of his venture. The company is building robots to explore mineral resources of the Moon.

Surge 2016
Surge 2016

Thomas Ramsay from Neurons Inc spoke on human brain response to external stimuli. He explained the linkage between neurological behavior and the application of this knowledge in marketing and advertisement. The professor is collaborating with Lowe Innovation Labs. There were speaker presentations on upcoming technologies like robotics, augmented reality, virtual reality, IOT and cloud based solutions, marketing and general management.

Technology solution providers and innovators with their unique solutions on cloud, internet of things, machine learning, data analytics, data mining etc. eagerly showcased their innovations to media and visitors.

Engineering solutions to improve mobility of differently abled people was presented by a Pune, India based startup company, Arcatron Mobility. This was adjudged as the leading pitch in the investment pitch competition organized for startups. I found the concept noble.

Other socially relevant start up themes included one focused on educating the Indian girl child. Interesting apps for the social sector included a marketplace solution for ethnic crafts, farm ingredient procurement and organic food.

While startups are known for innovation and energy, they are generally weak in management and business process. This was evident in this event too. During the mentoring session in which I participated, questions were nearly exclusively related to business process and general management.

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