How to Build the Perfect Taxi App

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Want to build your own taxi app? If you’re an app entrepreneur, you would know that taxi apps can be the long route to profitability. However, how do you ensure that the app ecosystem you create will draw in drivers and customers?

Your taxi app can make a difference in a new market that’s waiting to be explored. It works on the same principle as Uber, except that you would be making customers reach out to real taxis in their neighborhood in a few clicks. Conventional taxi business has been disrupted and companies like Uber seem to have changed how we look at hiring cars.

However, what should you do if you’re looking to build the perfect taxi app that  can help customers call in the nearest taxi?  Consumers are now more comfortable booking for cabs from the privacy of their smart phones than stand in queue or on the road.

So how does one go about creating an app that will revolutionize modern transport? Of course, the system to support your app needs to be well oiled and functioning, but as a user you will also want to deal with an app which will guide you to the nearest location. This is why you will need a good taxi app development company. 

How to Get the Right Taxi App Made?

It is software which streamlines business processes while engaging the consumer through a sophisticated user interface. A taxi app will not only be a booking medium but also an options provider regarding the types of cabs one can avail to.  And a good taxi app development company can help here.

Remember, the app will need to be iOS and Android compatible. The option of multiple bookings, map and payment needs to incorporated in the app. All these will give the user the ease of making requests through your app.

The Taxi app Itself

There are two interfaces in a taxi app. One for the driver and the other for the user.

The driver’s app will have features including the location of the driver placed on a map. There will be the option of accepting the ride or cancelling it. Drivers can start the ride once the passenger boards the taxi and end it once the ride ends. There will be a history of previous rides by the driver.

The benefits the driver gets while using this app are:

  • The user can request a ride
  • Multiple bookings can be accepted
  • Confirmation of booking status through SMS
  • Instant payment

This way the driver can accept multiple requests and manager his orders well. This will increase his earnings manifold.

The passenger’s app will primarily have a number of options including getting your location available on a map or obtaining a request for the ride. You can also choose out on the type of vehicle and get the confirmation of ride. There will be email notification to the registered email id of the user about start of ride and end of ride with fare and you can decide the way you would want to pay. You can also see the history of your rides.

The benefits the driver gets while using this app are many. Here are some of them.

  • You have the option to set your pick up location
  • The type of car you would want to ride
  • Check on the driver’s location
  • Cashless payment
  • And this entire process helps you save precious time

While building taxi apps one needs to be very sure about the target audience and it can be anybody. So the app needs to be suitably easy to use and of course, attractive.

Embed APIs into your app to link it to the payment gateways, between the two interfaces (customer and driver) and to the support centre where the rides will be tracked.

Also, number of rides and revenue will be collected as data by the backend analytics software which will then be used to track performance.

The best part of developing your own app is to be able to customize it at your will. You can change the design, color or the structure of the app any given time. You can also add features into it at any given point in time like chat, multiple language options and many more to make stand out in a market overcrowded with apps. A good taxi app development company can help you create a taxi app that draws in customers and has a real easy user interface.

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