Why companies need to periodically reinvent themselves

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by Sudhir Ahluwalia | Negosentro.com |

Companies need to re-invent themselves periodically to stay aligned to current trends. Many companies undertake a partial transformation exercise periodically.  Once in three years is generally observed to be adequate to keep a company on its toes.

Factors driving transformation include high levels of mobile penetration, ever faster access and democratization of information that is influencing consumer behavior and preference.

The front end and the back end of the company have to be nimble enough to handle sudden stresses that are inevitable in today’s world of instant communication. Competition has moved from local to global.

Transformation today can be affected much faster and more efficiently by deploying appropriate Information technology tools.

There are multiple organization transformation models that a company could use as template. These have to be customized to individual company need. One such IT supported transformation model is graphically presented below:


Transformation is an integrated play between people, process and technology. All three support and feed into each other. Transformation occurs when the three work in harmony.

Transformation is a continuum and not an event. The transformation model can be broadly split into five steps- determine, design, develop, deploy and integrate.

Determine– The company board often in consultation with the CEO sets the company vision. The organization then sets about develop and implement the plan to achieve the set vision. The impact of the proposed changes on the top, bottom line and human resource is calculated.

Design– Technology plays an important role in the design phase.  As the technology options are evolving and the shift is moving towards cloud based pay as you go backend and front end solutions, designs factor the intended impact of the changes on the organization into the plans.

Develop– In the last decade, this used to be quite an extensive and time taking phase. Now most technology solutions are available off the shelf in a near plug and play mode.

Deploy– The new and transformed organization with its new business processes supported by technology upgrades are deployed during this phase.

Integrate– Post deployment integration with existing pieces of technology, integrating the old and newly restructured parts of the organization, technical and management support to restructured areas, transformation performance monitoring from people, process and technology standpoint are some of the key elements of the integration phase.

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