Software Developer Certification: How Important is it?

Software Developer Certification: How Important is it?

Julianne Mercer, | Achieving a Software developer certification is important and can help the developer in the job market. Certifications affirm a degree of knowledge and this might be a necessity by some technology companies before hiring. Read through this article to know more about software developer certification as well as some of the trusted certification programs that can impact your career positively.


This is a software process development certification for software developers in the auto industry. This is one of the widely acceptable software certifications in the auto software development. It provides information on the developer of the toolset while relaying information on the development process. Certification by ASPICE is divided into 6 levels namely 0-5. Each level is dependent on the completeness of the software development. Certification requires the assessor to visit the company at hand in order to examine its products.

Microsoft (MCSD)

Certifications from Microsoft also cut a niche in the IT industry. Microsoft has a number of certification which include Microsoft Technology Associate commonly abbreviated as MTA, Microsoft certified solutions (MCSD). MCSD provides certifications in web applications and application lifecycle management among others. In order to get accredited by the MCSD, one must pass 3-4 exams which are based on the specific certification.


Cloudera offers Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop. This certification serves as an approval that software developers can reliably create, maintain and work with Apache Hadoop projects. To get this company’s approval, developers are required to sit an exam of about 50 orally answered questions and scoop a minimum of 70%.  


Oracle, also known as APEX is commonly known for database software. This company also provides one of the world’s most accepted certifications. The Oracle Application Express Developer Certified Expert is designed for developers of express workspace applications.

Are Software Developer Certifications Important?

For a software engineer, a certification may be important or not depending on where one wants to apply for a job. As much as there are some elite companies insisting on developer certification, some companies choose to remain neutral about it.

The certification may be ideal for firms that are looking for specific knowledge. On the other hand, some companies might want to hire a developer who is smart and can deal with any task at hand, in such scenarios it might not be a brilliant idea to state your certification as it may send out a negative signal that you are limited to a specific knowledge. Below are the other advantages and disadvantages of certification

Advantages of Software Developer Certification

  • It allows developers with specific interests to dedicate their time and energy on a specific area of concern.
  • It allows for recognition in the IT industry as well as improved pay.
  • Training for certification can be cheaper and can be done at an individual’s pace.
  • It provides developers with in-depth knowledge and skill of the certification acquired.

Disadvantages of Certification

  • It can be time-consuming
  • There is no set control on the quality of the certifications issued by vendors
  • Most universities and higher learning institutions do not recognize the certifications
  • There are too many certifications from different vendors


IT certification is not going to go away anytime soon. Getting a certification for that which you are good in makes you stand out in the job market. What is important is to know what the employer is looking for and state your resume in accordance.

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