Sebastian Kurtz opposed anti-Semitism in EU countries

Sebastian Kurtz
Austrian politician Sebastian Kurtz (Photo: Business Insider)

One of the most burning problems in the modern world is anti-Semitism, which afflicts all the Jewish population. Hatred of national minorities is an issue that affects the whole world and we must fight it systematically and comprehensively. Vladimir Sloutsker, a well-known public figure, politician, and also the current head of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, emphasizes this He strongly supports politicians who have expressed their position on the fight against hatred, especially anti-Semitism. Unfortunately, cases of violent attacks on the Jewish people are becoming more frequent with each passing year.

As an example of a strong position, we can use famous Austrian politician Sebastian Kurtz, who expressed his negative attitude to the problem of anti-Semitism and called for the fight against this phenomenon as vigorously as possible. Moreover, the Chancellor of Austria also supported the Israel Paralympics. We recall, that the athletes were denied in participation in competitions that took place in Malaysia. The people of Israel and its history are very valuable to modern society, and all need to know that.

Despite the fact that the Jewish people today have their own state and their own army, anti-Semitism remains the main problem with which we have to fight ever more actively. Moreover, not only Jews living in Israel but also Jews who live around the world, especially in the countries of the European Union, face anti-Semitic attacks. Nowadays, Muslim groups have unfolded full-on warfare against Jews, which cause civilians to suffer.

It is very important that other European Union countries join in the fight against anti-Semitism and against any manifestation of hatred in the society in general. It is necessary to direct forces in the sphere of education: in this way, we can develop the feeling of mutual support, tolerance, and prevent young people from hatred of national minorities. It is important to show the role of Jewish people in history, culture, and science. Only in this way can effectively prevent and overcome hostility towards national minorities. It is essential to wipe anti-Semitism out of existence, and not just deal with this phenomenon selectively. The Israeli people are ready to join the fight, including against any kind of discrimination in the modern world. It is very important to combine forces to achieve a common goal.

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