Philippine IoT Rising Star FAME Joins Social Enterprise Catalysts in Roundtable

fame iot philippines
FAME's Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Homer Nievera (Standing, 3rd from left), joined the recent rountable discussions on social enterprises at The Giving Cafe in Mandaluyong City. (Photo: Innovation for Social Impact Partnership FB page)

Rover Jones, | One of the Philippines’ premier IoT companies, Futuristic Aviation and Maritime Enterprise, Inc. (FAME), took part in the recent roundtable among some of the country’s movers and shakers in social enterprise (also known as SE). Held at The Giving Cafe in Mandaluyong City, The roundtable discussions were part of the initiatives of the Policy Agenda and Entrepreneurship strategies of the Innovation for Social Impact Partnership (ISIP), a project co-implemented by UNDP Philippines and PhilDev Foundation, with generous support from Australia in The Philippines.

Discussed were the many gaps within the social enterprises’ ecosystem that inhibits its significant growth from areas such as access to capital, innovative financial products and the fact the the SE definition is not well-defined to would-be partners.

In a post from the Facebook Page of ISIP, it was said that, “the results of the session will contribute to the goal of ISIP’s Policy Agenda, to advocate for policy reforms in public and private institutions that will even out the playing field for SEs and established businesses.”

According to FAME Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Homer Nievera, “FAME firmly supports Filipino social entrepreneurs as it seeks to develop communities like it does in the fishing arena.”

Nievera adds, “We may be one of the catalysts in the IoT space in the Philippines, but we take to heart our commitment in making a lasting impact in food security and sustainable livelihood.” 

FAME is known to have created a LoRA-based platform that acts as a “blackbox-in-the-cloud” that seamlessly connects to various sensors to provide reliable, secure, easily deployable and affordable solutions to connect devices for real-time intelligent monitoring and management of resources – in maritime, aviation, land transportation, enterprise applications. FAME has established its Singapore sales office in 2019 and is eyeing to open its R&D office in Taiwan soon.

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