Here’s Where to Get Your Hands on Great Quality Pride Flags

Great Quality Pride Flags

Great Quality Pride Flags – Here’s Where to Get Your Hands on | LGBTQ+ visibility is more important than ever. We have come a long way, but the fight for our rights is still a daily battle. Visibility lets us know who our allies are as well as shows the world that people they love are queer.

Visibility = Normalization 

As the LGBTQ+ community gains more and more representation in media it is important that we as individuals also make sure we are showing pride in our community. While seeing queer characters on TV and Film helps to normalize our culture to others, It still may feel like they only exist in that arena.

If we show our pride daily so that people in our communities and families know that we are members of the LGBTQ+ community, this will go a lot further in normalizing LGBTQ+ culture.

Once someone realizes that someone they love and trust is gay, bisexual, or even trans, it makes them realize that this civil rights movement affects someone that they love.

Let Your Pride Flag Fly

A great way to make yourself more visible is to hang a pride plag at your home. This is a small action that can have a huge impact. For one thing, it will let other LGBTQ+ members of the community know that you are someone they can talk to and trust.

Once other members of our community know they are not alone, they will also follow suit and let their flag fly. Then when all the other people in the community see all the flags flying, they will realize that there is a much larger population of LGBTQ+ individuals in their community. Again raising visibility.

Time To Shop Till You Drop

Finding the traditional rainbow pride flag is fairly easy. You can normally find one at any local mall and when you look for them online you will find millions of them. You may prefer to have a pride flag that represents your sub-category of LGBTQ+ culture. 

If you are looking for a more specific pride flag it may take a little time but some companies offer a wider selection. You can find anything from the gay leather flag to the unlabeled flag. This means you can have even more visibility. 

Flying our individual flags helps to bring awareness that the spectrum of LBTQ+ individuals is broad and diverse. Many people outside of the community have no understanding of many of the members of our community and it is our responsibility to kindly educate them. 

Don’t Limit Yourself

You can also fly more than one flag, don’t limit yourself. If you consider yourself a Pansexual, Demi-Female. You could fly the traditional rainbow flag along with the Pansexual pride and Demi-Female pride flags. 

This will lead people to ask you what those flags are and allow you to educate them. It will even give you a chance to explain your pronouns to them so that hopefully they can learn to respect them and help to normalize them.

Time To Show Your Pride

Get shopping today! Take a moment and look for the pride flags that represent you and get them headed to your house today. You will love coming home every day to see your pride flags proudly swinging in the wind. 

This will lead to conversations with your neighbors that you can use to educate them. Remember “when they go low, we go high”, all of these conversations may not be kind but they will be valuable. Do not let anyone make you scared or ashamed to be your 100% genuine self.

Now, get online and order all the flags your queer little heart desires. Before you know it you will be hanging up all your flags with pride and seeing many others in your area doing the same. 🙂

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