Recruitment Outsourcing VS Using Job Portals (Infographic)


by Homerun Nievera,

Human resource is one the most important aspect of any business. In the past recent years, this industry has gone through a lot of shifts and developments, and today, several approaches are available which all aims to help fill in job vacancies easier and in a timely manner.

Two of the most common recruitment techniques that many businesses leverage today are recruitment outsourcing and job portals. While non-HR people will most likely be unable to tell the advantage of approach over the other, it is very important for HR managers and recruitment specialist to know the difference between the two. This is not only to keep updated with the latest trend in the recruitment world, but also to identify which one would fit their business needs and budget if ever they plan to use one of these approaches.

Luckily, the visual guide below from Phil. Exeq Search Solutions can help us identify the main differences and overlaps of recruitment outsourcing and job portals. Here are the key takeaways from it.


  • Recruitment Outsourcing – The pros and cons of recruitment outsourcing are the following:




  • Reduce internal recruitment cost. This is primarily because you no longer keep in-house HR professionals on your payroll.
  • Quality hires. The expertise of an outsourcing firm can give you the best talent in a timely manner.
  • Maintaining focus on core business. Outsourcing will free you up from the time-consuming process of recruitment, allowing you to focus on more important areas of your business.




  • Possible loss of resources. Choosing the wrong agency could lead to hiring incompetent talents.
  • Using Job Portals – The pros and cons of recruitment outsourcing are the following:



  • Easier and takes less time and effort. From setting up company profile to posting job, using job portals takes little time and effort.
  • Wider audience. A lot of job seekers have access to job portals these days through the internet.
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere. Job portals allow you to see the status of your job post as long as you have an internet connection.



  • Less qualified applicants. Anyone can submit their application to your company even if their skills doesn’t match your requirements, thus making screening process much harder.
  • Time-consuming. It takes time before you can find the right person who is fit to your standards and requirements.
  • Unfiltered talent pool. Members of job portals are not pre-assessed so they can basically out everything on their resume to catch the attention of as many recruiters as possible


To learn more, check out the infographic below.


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